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Tuesday Links O'War: March 10th, 2015

Kyan Anderson, Davion Pierson, and bearded baseball players...

Here are your Tuesday Links

TCU knows what Fort Worth’s Kyan Anderson has meant to basketball program:

"Kyan didn’t have to go to TCU, and he didn’t have to stay at TCU," said his high school coach, Tommy Brakel, watching in person. "People who really know the situation know that Kyan stayed at TCU because that’s where he wanted to be, and I think that loyalty factor means something to people."

Davion Pierson set to lead reloading TCU D:

"For all of Pierson's hopes about bringing a third national title to TCU, you’re not going to bait him into making bold promises right now. Not after he listened to Patterson’s message to the team to begin spring ball"

Matt Carpenter best TCU-ex in pro sports

Pretty good one here from #FireTakes Engel.

Jake Arrieta sees possibilities for Cubs, pushes himself to be better:

Another really good ex-TCU baseball player with a beard who plays in the NL Central

Taylor Featherston and Elliot Morris: Top Prospect Performances of 2014:

No beard and AL West--but could Featherson be on an MLB roster this year?

The case for putting Brandon Finnegan in the Royals bullpen

Beard, AL Central--we are all members of the Church of Finnegan

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