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The Frogs O' War Podcast is BAAAAAAAACK

Jamie and Andrew chat about TCU basketball's big win over Kansas State in the Big 12 Tournament, and Marshall recaps his trip to watch TCU baseball play in Los Angeles and previews the Baylor series.

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The TCU men's basketball team knocked off Kansas State 67-65, and will face Kansas in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 Tournament. Jamie, Marshall, and Andrew recap the game, and Marshall breaks down trip to L.A. to watch TCU baseball in the Dodgertown Classic. Marshall also breaks down the "North Temple" series at Lupton this weekend, citing poor hitting as a reason the Bears may get swept by the Frogs.

Also, Plunkett talk, Memphis barbecue talk, a baseball player pronunciation guide, and Andrew and Marshall hear each other for the first time.

There's about a three minute dead period from about the 13:00 mark to the 16:00 mark, because I accidentally hung up (HOORAY NEW PODCAST TECHNOLOGY). So maybe just skip that if you want. Or, listen to the static/silence. Either way.

Hosts: Jamie Plunkett, Marshall Weber, Andrew Felts