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Mailbag Answers: March 2nd, 2015

Blame the snow; there's no Monday Morning Manager this week. But, there is a mailbag! Come see if your question was answered as we talk about everything from; Boykin's wrist, football expectations for 2015, and my favorite Cold War movies.


Locked up in the snow all weekend ala Jack Torrance, the TCU baseball team unfortunately didn't play any games. So that means no Monday Morning Manager, sadly. The good news; there's plenty of great baseball this week and we're going to have some things I really think and hope you'll enjoy.

In lieu of the lack of baseball, and this is something Jamie and I will be doing from here on out anyway, I answered your mailbag questions. As spring ball begins, basketball winds down--but heats up at the same time, and baseball in full swing, the Mailbag is going to be a lot of fun in the coming weeks. So be sure to get your question in for Jamie later in the week...

TCU Basketball – CBI, NIT, or miracle conference tourney run and invite to the Dance?

I think with a good Big 12 tournament showing, they could make the NIT. Felts will probably have something really great and detailed on that sometime soon.

Boykin’s wrist surgery: how did it happen, and never be the same again, nothing he can’t get over in a month or two, or much ado about nothing?

I’m sure most people remember this from the fall. I think they just want him to take it easy. It’s on his non-throwing hand, and with some light workouts in the summer, Boykin won’t miss a step. Patterson said a few days ago that the ultimate goal was to have him ready come August. Hard to see him not being 100% by then.

Favorite TCU sport outside of the big three, and why?

I really like women’s basketball. But I consider that part of the Big Three. However, I do like women’s soccer about the same. So I’ll go with that. I really enjoy women’s soccer in general and I’m really pumped for their World Cup. I’m a little worried, however. We have really great players--Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath, Abby Wambach--but losing Pia to Sweden really hurts.

Darvish/Rangers – 2015 prediction?

Let me just say that I really like Profar. I truly do. But now, I wish they would’ve made the push to trade him, and others, for David Price. I’m all for building around pitching--and I was even for trading Beltre, another player I love--to make that happen. Elvis can’t really hit despite his great defense and the Gers simply spent too much money on Choo and Fielder--also two players I really like. Basically the Rangers right now are full of players I really like, but are just way overpaid. Best case would probably be competing for a Wild Card, worst is finishing last and below the Astros, and most realistic would be 4th; behind the A’s, Angels, and Mariners.

I want Darvish to win as many games as possible. Hell, if he'd gotten the run support, he could've won 25 two years ago. Realistically, I think Yu could win 15 games if the offense lets him. Plus, he started doing interviews in English and they're FIRE...

What do you have against kids?

Nothing against kids. Just don’t have any. A lot of them do seem rather loud though.

Favorite Cold War-era movie?

So many to choose from. All of the Bond movies that took place during the Cold War, plus GoldenEye, which speaks a lot about the aftermath of the Cold War in Russia. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is also terrific--the book is much better though. A German movie called The Lives of Others, Three Days of the Condor, and guilty pleasures like the original Red Dawn are all great too.

Best intersection of llamas and pop culture: yesterday’s llama chase, Monty Python’s llama sketch, or something else?

Nick Pants did a mashup of the llamas and #TheDress. I rather enjoyed that.

Are Australians as tired of Dez Bryant as folks in Dallas? If so, should he move to Ukraine or Norway?

I don’t live in Dallas. But I’m sure it’s all the talk there. And as a Cowboys fan, I’ve tried to stay away from that as much as possible.

Which is the more important cultural icon...Lloose Llama or Left Shark?

Question of the week. Hard question, but I’ll say Left Shark. It stole the Super Bowl’s thunder. That’s gotta count for something, right?

Re the mailbag picture, why did you select a Postman from San Fran on a Segway, instead of a Fort Worthian Postwoman on a horse, cow, large dog, or wild boar?

We have only have select photos that we’re allowed to use for the header pictures. That was my favorite one I found...

What’s a disappointment for next year? What’s expected next year? What exceeds expectations? And, unrelated-Would you rather beat Faylor and not have a horrible year (go to a bowl game be above .500 in conference) or lose to Faylor but win the big (lil) 12, and take a spot in the Playoffs?

That’s a good question. I feel like the darkest corner of me would say not winning it all. But that’s not really the case. You could argue that not making the Playoff would be a disappointment, because unlike last year, the Big 12 winner will be in The Four. I also think making the Playoff, winning the Big 12, and beating Baylor is what’s expected. So if that doesn’t happen, I think a lot of folks will be disappointed.

I just don’t see another "shared’ title happening. It’s going to be more difficult when more’s expected of TCU too; coming out of nowhere and sort of going in through the outdoor was kind of an advantage last season. On the contrary, and granted it’s March, but the mental fabric of this team isn’t one to let Preseason Polls potentially ruin their season. Losing to Baylor on Black Friday and losing the Big 12 title outright would be devastating. The Big 12 is Baylor’s and TCU’s to lose; and since the winner won’t get snubbed, I think for both teams would look at losing the conference as a severe disappointment. And while that’d be a tough pill to swallow--if Boykin and the Frogs still go to a New Year’s Six and kick ass, I’ll look at that as a successful. Again, it’s March--ask me this in December.

And no, I wouldn’t trade a lousy season and victory over Baylor for a playoff spot and a Big 12 title. The joke would ultimately be on them, anyways.