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Should TCU Football schedule a second Power 5 non-conference opponent in the future?

TCU added two Pac-12 teams to their future non-conference schedule earlier this week, piling on to an already formidable swathe of games. It could still be tougher, though, if TCU were to add a second OOC Power 5 team in the same season.

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TCU is getting credit across the country for hoarding Power 5 non-conference in the opponents in the coming years. They, along with the majority of the Big 12, are ensuring that they don't get dinged for having a weak out of conference schedule by the playoff committee, should that come under consideration. As of now, here's a list of TCU's future non-conference opponents.


Minnesota, SMU, Stephen F. Austin

2016 Arkansas, SMU, South Dakota State
2017 Arkansas, SMU
2018 Ohio State, SMU
2019 Ohio State
2020 California
2021 California
2022 Colorado
2023 Colorado
2024 Stanford
2027 Stanford

By the Stanford game in 2027 I will be entering my 40s, so let's not even talk about that right now okay? Ok. Instead, let's focus on improving the non-conference schedule even more. Think scheduling two Power 5 non-conference games in the same season is insane? Think again.

Florida State does it. In 2014 they had three, THREE, Power 5 non-conference teams on their schedule: Oklahoma State, Florida, and Notre Dame. You can make an argument that Notre Dame doesn't count, but I'm counting them. Notre Dame has committed, with its switch to the ACC for its other sports, to play ACC teams in place of most Big Ten teams it used to play. But, it counts as non-conference. As for future schedules, the Seminoles will square off against Ole Miss and Florida in 2016, and Notre Dame and Florida in 2018.

Michigan does it too. In 2014 the Wolverines had both Notre Dame and Utah on the schedule. The Wolverines have at least one P5 team on their OOC schedule through 2027, and have two (Virginia Tech, Washington) on the docket in 2021.

Need more examples? Here's a list of other P5 schools with multiple non-conference P5 teams scheduled for the same year.

Team Year Opponents
Iowa 2015 Iowa State, Pitt
Northwestern 2015 Stanford, Duke
Texas 2015-16 Notre Dame, California
USC 2016 Notre Dame, Alabama
Georgia 2016 North Carolina, Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech 2016 Notre Dame, Tennessee
Duke 2016 Notre Dame, Northwestern
Duke 2017-18 Northwestern, Baylor
USC 2017-18 Notre Dame, Texas
Texas 2017-18 Maryland, USC
Ohio State 2018 Oregon State, TCU
Miami 2018 LSU, Rutgers

So who else should TCU schedule? Their non-conference slots are all filled for 2015 and 2016 (although, I wouldn't mind seeing the Frogs drop SFA, would you?). But starting in 2017, here are a few schools who still have open slots that line up with TCU.

Year Teams
2017 Florida State, Georgia Tech, Nebraska
2018 Georgia Tech, Auburn, Oregon, Penn State
2019 Utah, Florida State, Auburn, Oregon
2020 Utah, Missouri, NC State, Nebraska
2021 Missouri, NC State, Penn State

Obviously this is an incomplete list, but it's something to consider. There are some decent teams on that list that could seriously bolster TCU's strength of schedule, and all of whom TCU could probably beat (as currently constructed).

Thoughts? Do you want TCU playing more than one OOC P5 opponent in a single season?