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College Baseball Polls: Week 8

Come see where the Frogs landed this week after a Tuesday win over Oklahoma and a sweep over Wichita State....

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Frogs are once again a unanimous Top-5 team according the Major Polls. They also collected one No.1 ranking from Perfect Game, but as we all know, I like playing with a little bit of salt and would be more concerned with more No.1 rankings--we saw how that went two weekends ago.

TCU's opponent this weekend, Texas Tech appeared in all of polls except for College Baseball Newspaper and D1Baseball--which, for better or worse is the one I trust the most.

TCU's upcoming opponent (next Tuesday) and new-ish rival, also made some solid ground in the polls--appearing as high as No. 13

As always, a big thanks to Kevin Ives for making these gems.