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How I'll spend my Summer Vacation

Hawk needs something to write about during baseball season- what do you want to see?

I sit the same way, coach.
I sit the same way, coach.
Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

With just 2 games left in the regular season for the Basketfrogs, it's time to start planning ahead for just what manner of content you'd like to see from me once basketball season is over and my offseason begins, because.... I can't do baseball.  Now don't get me wrong- I'm as dyed in the wool a purple frog man as there is in the world, and if TCU fielded even something like a camel walking team, you can bet that I'd wear a TCU shirt on days where they have meets and inform Baylor fans that their camel walk team illegally trotted that one time they beat us to result in a shared Big 12 championship, but it's just... not something that I could A.) Rouse myself in the Australian dawn for, or B.) Find a way to watch online.  So as much as I want TCU baseball (and camel walking) to be the best in the nation, it's just not something that I can write about, with the possible exception of a gamethread here or there if we make it to the televised CWS level.

That's the bad news out of the way, but here comes the good news- I'm still going to need stuff to write about, and what I want to write about is what you want to read about!  I've got some suggestions to get started (and may do at least one from each category before football season), but you can put forth your own ideas in the comments or simply vote on which ideas you like the best.  I'm open to just about anything, but let's start with the ideas I have.

1.) The 2014 Season review- I'll go through each game of the season and explain its importance (knowing what we now know) and highlight a few key plays that I believe were most responsible for the outcome.

2.) Hawk explains Australian Sports- I don't know anything about Australian sports, and am not really interested in knowing what's actually happening in any game.  On the other hand, I am quite happy to watch Australian sporting events muted and attempt to explain what's going on (with illustrative screenshots and/or MS Paint drawings).  Interested in hearing about Hawk's theory of what the hell is going on in Australian Rules Football or Lawn Bowls?  This is the option for you!

3.) Future Frogs (Football edition)- Last offseason we started going through the Frogs recruiting class and doing a brief write up of each recruit, but it got a bit sidetracked.  I'm willing to go through the class and do each of them justice though- I'll read 24/7 so you don't have to!

4.) Frogs O' War Film Review- Always an ambitious task, but I'm a glutton for punishment.  If you haven't seen a Video Rewind post before, this is pretty much the gist- breaking down key moments of games with screenshots and commentary.  I can probably throw up some clips of the plays in question so you can watch it and see if you see what I see as well.

Frogs O' War Theater posts can't really be a regular thing, for the simple reason that I tend to write one whenever I come up with a good enough idea for something funny, and I don't really want to dilute it too much.  Other than that, feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments!  The future of Frogs O' War (at least my little part of it) is in your hands.

Go Frogs.