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Wile E. doesn't catch the Roadrunner- ISU 89, TCU 76

The Frogs put together a decent offensive performance against the Cyclones, but were simply unable to do anything to slow ISU in the second half.

Quick, use the rocket skates!
Quick, use the rocket skates!
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Remember your favorite Roadrunner cartoon from when you were little- things always started off simple, there was a moment where Wile E. Coyote would almost catch the roadrunner in an unaided footrace, only to be left in the dust when the Roadrunner kicks it into high gear.  After that point you see the Coyote try a number of things- Tarzan swings, ACME rocket skates, falling boulders, magnetized bird seed.  No matter how good the plan, the painting, the gadget, though, in the end you know that the Coyote is going to be squashed flat.  Tonight's second half against ISU was the basketball equivalent of one of those cartoons, as coach Johnson may well have opened a few ACME packages in the time outs he called in an attempt to find something- anything- that would allow the Frogs to stop Iowa State from running over them.  Iowa State had only a single turnover in the second half.  Iowa State shot 64% from three for the game (the majority of the misses coming in the first half), and despite the Frogs switching to zone, pressing, crashing the boards- the result was always the same, the roadrunner stuck out his tongue, said "Meep Meep!" and darted down the floor for a layup.

Fortunately the slate will be wiped clean come Big 12 tournament time, where the Frogs postseason fate will ultimately be decided, but consideration of matchups can wait for another day- Wile E. Coyote has to recuperate after being crushed by the giant boulder he had precariously perched overhead.  Our thanks to all of our seniors this year, from four year stalwart the mercurial Kyan Anderson to the one year transfer Trey Zeigler who still put together some incredible moments.  We'll cover them all in some detail after the season's official end, but in the meantime we've got to scrape ourselves off from the rock wall we painted a tunnel into- somehow Iowa State ran right through it.