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Eight Remain: Fort Worth Food Bracket Open Thread and Voting

The final eight restaurants are all primed to make a run at the championship, but who will actually make it?

Andrew Felts

It's been a pretty fun tournament up to this point. 36 restaurants have already gone down, including all three of Tim Love's entries, while the final eight has a campus and cinderella flavor to it. Three of the final eight venues are within walking distance of TCU's campus. Three of the final eight venues are double-digit seeds, one of which (East Hampton Sandwich Co.) won the play-in game for the right to be the last team in the tournament.

But, enough small talk. Here are the Region Finals matchups.

Southwestern Region

No. 2 Angelo's vs. No. 16 Shady Oak BBQ (Vote Here)

Burgers/Pizza Region

No. 9 Buffalo Bros vs. No. 11 Pizza Snob (Vote Here)

Delis/Diners/Misc. Region

No. 1 Bonnell's vs. No. 11 East Hampton Sandwich Co. (Vote Here)

Mexican Region

No. 4 Salsa Limon vs. No. 6 Fuzzy's (Vote Here)

Also, here's an updated bracket for you to check out.

bracket elite eight