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TCU Reveals New Nike Uniforms at Spring Game

The cutting-edge football uniform and new design reflect TCU’s aggressive defense, fast offense and an undeniable intensity on the field. - Nike Press Release

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All images from, release from the desk of Nike Communications Manager Lisa Beachy.

TCU and Nike revealed the new Horned Frogs uniforms tonight, and they're, well, interesting. The pattern looks like digital cammo at first glance, but a closer look reveals that they're actually scaled like a lizard.

Personally, I don't like them. Maybe they'll look good during a game, but right now I think they're terrible. Really the only piece of any of the uniforms that looks good is the purple helmet. Beyond that, no thank you.

Here's the full release from NIke:

TCU’s Tradition of Resilience Inspires Nike Football Mach Speed Uniform

The football program at Texas Christian University has trailblazed gridiron innovation since 1935, when legendary coach Dutch Meyer led the Horned Frogs to a national championship with his pioneering "Meyer Spread" offensive formation. The program's game-changing attitude not only epitomizes the Horned Frogs’ style of play, but also the school’s partnership with Nike Football to advance uniform design and engineering.

The TCU Nike Mach Speed Uniform features the latest innovations in lightweight fabric built for maximum speed, ventilation and comfort. The new uniform design is one of the first to include a full sublimated pattern on the jersey and pants. Like the fierce, desert-dwelling mascot, the horned frog, the TCU football team uses speed, quickness and defensive tactics to outwit opponents. The horned frog’s scaly body armor inspires the new sublimated pattern — a digital evolution of the program's existing lizard skin pattern. Covering the entire jersey, and extending through the pant, the motif embodies the fearless attitude that defines both the mascot and the team.

The sublimated horned frog skin pattern also appears on both of the team's two helmet designs. On the primary purple helmet, the pattern creates a base for a white center stripe and bold, crisp "TCU" markings on the side. The combination is reversed on the white helmet.

The purple jersey and pant combination serves as the Horned Frogs’ home uniform. The color represents nobility while embodying a powerful aura and undeniable energy. White numbers, symbolic of honor, accent the purple uniform in a bold, high-contrast combination. TCU’s white-on-white away uniform holds special meaning: The white color reflects good sportsmanship and serves as inspiration for victory even in the harshest environments. TCU's third uniform features a gray jersey and pants, providing a neutral base for the purple and white accents.

Further graphic details on the jersey include the words, "GIVE EM HELL," embroidered on the back neckline. The phrase echoes the school's famous "Riff Ram" cheer, which has been a stadium standard and a fan favorite since the 1970s.

The cutting-edge Nike Mach Speed uniform innovation and new design reflect TCU’s tradition of resilience, defined by an aggressive defense, fast offense and an undeniable intensity on the field.