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Fort Worth Food Bracket Semifinal: Pizza Snob vs. Shady Oak BBQ

Who moves on to the finals?

Andrew Felts

Voting is open until 10 a.m. on Wednesday. Winner advances to the finals.

No. 11 Pizza Snob

Style: Pizza

Location: 3051 S. University Dr.

Price Range: ~$11-$30

Here's a positive Yelp review:

Anytime we're craving pizza this is the first place that pops into our heads. The dough is always perfect, the ingredients fresh, and the staff friendly. We always get two pizzas and a personal salad to share. Tonight we tried the Italian sub for the first time and also got one of our go to pizzas, the Italian sausage with candied jalapeños. They were both very good but we still liked the Italian sausage a little better. Our most favorite pizza we've ever gotten from this place was around Thanksgiving time, their turkey pot pie pizza with gravy inside and cranberry sauce drizzled on top  I wish they had it year round!

No. 16 Shady Oak BBQ

Style: BBQ

Location: 6364 Sandshell Dr.

Price Range: ~$13-$25

Shady Oak is officially a giant killer, having knocked off The Woodshed, Riscky's and now, the Reata. Will Angelo's be next? Here's a positive Yelp review:

The food is great. Nothing fancy about the food, but very filling. Every time I go over there, I end up eating quite a bit. The servers are extremely friendly too. They have an outdoor patio, plus a few benches outside with a view of a lake, which can be pretty relaxing during your lunch break.

Time to vote! Who deserves to move on?