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Frogs O' War is looking to add a few more writers and a copy editor

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Frogs O' War is looking for a few good people to bolster the current staff and bring new insight to the site. If you have been looking for an opportunity to get your feet wet writing about a university you love, now's your chance! See details for each position below.

Copy Editor (1)

Are you a natural at finding mistakes in other people's work or figuring out how to restructure good ideas into great ones? Do you also love TCU football, basketball, and all things Horned Frogs?

Frogs O' War is seeking a copy editor to help make sure our work is the best it can possibly be.

Duties: Reading the content posted to the site and helping ensure grammatical and factual gaffes are at a minimum. Editing drafts and making sure the copy is as crisp as it's capable of being.

If you have interest in writing or otherwise contributing to the site in addition to these duties, we're open to the possibility.

How to apply: Candidates should send resumes and cover letters to Please include in your e-mail a brief description of why you think you're a perfect fit for FOW, your daytime availability, and anything else you think would help strengthen your candidacy.

Part-Time Contributor (2 to 4)

If you're looking for an outlet that would allow you to be biased and slanted in favor of TCU, look no further, apply to be a part-time contributor at Frogs O' War.

Shoot me an email at and then we'll get to know each other a little bit. These are unpaid positions and your email isn't a guarantee of anything, but if you think you can help out our site and want to join a fun group of writers, let's talk. You don't need to attach a resume -- just your name will do. Applicants will be asked to write a trial post for the site.

It's okay if you aren't the greatest writer, are a new TCU fan, or have other commitments -- we still might be able to find a spot for you. There are so many different areas that you could help with.

The deadline is a week from today. Any time after that, I'll probably already be in the process of decision making and the spots might be filled.