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10 Things of Note about TCU's Post-Spring Depth Chart

TCU released its first post-spring depth chart, and there's a lot to read into it.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

TCU released its first post-spring depth chart on Monday, and in doing so revealed several surprises. Here's the full depth chart, along with several things of note.

Pos. 1st String Offensive Player (Year)
2nd String 3rd String Pos. 1st String Defensive Player (Year) 2nd String 3rd String
QB Trevone Boykin (Sr.) Bram Kohlhausen (Sr.) Foster Sawyer (Rs. Fr.) LE Josh Carraway (Jr.) OR James McFarland (Sr.) L.J. Collier (Rs. Fr.)

RB Aaron Green (Sr.) OR Kyle Hicks (Jr.) OR Trevorris Johnson (Jr.) Shaun Nixon (Rs. Fr.) DT Chris Bradley (So.) Tevin Lawson (Jr.)
Casey McDermott-Vai (Rs. Fr.)
LT Halapoulivaati Vaitai (Sr.) Aviante Collins (Sr.) Trey Elliot (Rs. Fr.) DT Davion Pierson (Sr.)
Aaron Curry (Jr.)
Casey McDermott-Vai (Rs. Fr.)
LG Jamelle Naff (Sr.) Bobby Thompson (Sr.) RE Mike Tuaua (Sr.) OR Terrell Lathan (Sr.) Bryson Henderson (So.)

C Joey Hunt (Sr.) Austin Schlottman (So.) MLB Mike Freeze (Fr.)
Ty Summers (Rs. Fr.)
RG Brady Foltz (Sr.) Patrick Morris (So.) Frank Kee (Jr.) SLB Sammy Douglas (Jr.) Alec Dunham (Fr.)
Paul Whitmill (So.)
RT Joseph Noteboom (So.) Matt Pryor (So.) Ryan Griswold (Rs. Fr.) SS Denzel Johnson (Jr.)
Travin Howard (So.)
George Baltimore (So.)
TE Buck Jones (Jr.) Dominic Merka (Sr.) FS
Derrick Kindred (Sr.) Nick Orr (So.) Steve Wesley (So.)
WR Kolby Listenbee (Sr.) Emmanuel Porter (So.) Corey McBride (Rs. Fr.) WS Kenny Iloka (Sr.) OR Ridwan Issahaku (Rs. Fr.)

WR Deante' Gray (Sr.) Desmon White (So.) CB Ranthony Texada (So.)
Nick Orr (So.)
WR Ty Slanina (Jr.) Cameron Echols-Luper (Jr.) Andre Pettis-Wilson (Rs. Fr.) CB Torrance Mosley (So.)
Corry O'Meally (Sr.)
Deshawn Raymond (Fr.)
WR Josh Doctson (Sr.) Ja'Juan Story (Sr.) Pos. Specialists
Pos. Specialists PK Jaden Oberkrom (Sr.)
Ranthony Texada (So.) Kyle Hicks (So.) Cameron Echols-Luper (Jr.) Snapper Bryson Burtnett (So.)
Cameron Echols-Luper (Jr.) Derrick Kindred (Sr.) Deante' Gray (Sr.) Holder Zach Allen (So.)
KOS Jaden Oberkrom (Sr.)
Punter Ethan Perry (Sr.)

1. Mike Freeze at starting Middle Linebacker

This is the biggest takeaway from the post-spring depth chart, a true freshman topping the depth chart at a position he has never played. Obviously this could change before the fall, but as of now it looks like Freeze, who is recovering from shoulder surgery, has impressed the coaching staff quite a bit. The 3-star from Graham sat out his senior season because of the surgery, but it hasn't slowed him down.

2. Youth abounds on defense

Beyond Freeze, the depth on defense is incredibly young. Four (potentially five if Issahaku wins out) of the players on the first string defense are sophomores or younger. If you include the full 3-deep, that number increases to 11. Youth is good, but this unit will need to grow quickly. Fortunately, despite the large youth presence, there is still an abundance of veteran leadership for the kids to follow.

3. Bram Kohlhausen is listed as Boykin's primary backup

The Houston native is more than just a temporary backup for Boykin, apparently, as he rose above the two redshirt freshmen studs and outperformed them in spring practice to earn the No. 2 spot. The real question is -- are the coaches just not ready to declare either Sawyer or the Mule as Boykin's successor, or is Bram really just more game-ready at this point. I'd suggest it is the latter.

4. Zach Allen is not on the WR depth chart

Earlier this spring it was reported that Zach Allen was making the move from quarterback to wide receiver, but he is not listed on the three-deep at any of the four WR positions. At this point, Allen making an appearance at anything other than holder seems unlikely.

5. Another true freshman in the two-deep on defense

While Mike Freeze is taking all the headlines this week, another true freshman is listed as the primary backup for Sammy Douglas at strong-side linebacker. Alec Dunham, a 3-star recruit from Coldspring, Tx, is quietly making his way up the depth chart. It'll be interesting to see where he lands in future iterations of the depth chart.

6. Cameron Echols-Luper is still listed at WR?

Echols-Luper made the move to cornerback this spring to bolster the depth at that position. However, due to injuries in the spring, Echols-Luper had to move back to wide receiver, at least temporarily. Whether he eventually moves to cornerback permanently is yet to be seen.

7. Two moves are happening on the O-line

Replacing left tackle Tayo Fabuluje requires two moves on the offensive line. Big V will shift from right tackle to left tackle, and sophomore Joseph Noteboom (such an awesome name) gets the nod at right tackle.

8. Sophomore Chris Bradley gets the nod over transfer Aaron Curry

Chris Bradley saw substantial time at DT in 2014, appearing in all 13 games. He recorded 12 total tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks and a recovered fumble. However, his nod over Aaron Curry doesn't mean that Curry won't see playing time. Defensive tackles are at their best when they're a part of a rotating core, so expect Curry to see substantial playing time, whether as a starter or as a backup.

9. Torrance Mosley grabs the open CB spot

Mosley beat out Corry O'Meally and true freshman Deshawn Raymond in the spring to capture the open cornerback spot. Should he hold on to that spot into the fall, he'll have some big shoes to fill.

10. Nine seniors on first string offense

As young as the Frogs are on defense, the offense is... 'aged.' 2015 seems like it is now or never, and while the defense is working through the growing pains that will undoubtedly come, the offense will have to carry the banner.