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Gary Patterson Makes $3.5 Million Per Year

TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson's base salary ranks him third in the Big 12, behind Bob Stoops of Oklahoma and Charlie Strong of Texas.

Gary Patterson makes $3.5 million as head football coach at TCU.
Gary Patterson makes $3.5 million as head football coach at TCU.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

According to TCU's most recent Form 990 filing, which includes compensation data from the 2013 calendar year, Gary Patterson makes approximately $3.5 million in base salary and took home almost $4 million in total compensation. That is good for third in the Big 12 and 11th nationally.

TCU had a horrific season in 2013 but rebounded strongly in 2014, ending in a Peach Bowl win and a contract extension for Patterson. We don't know if Patterson received a pay bump as part of the extension, but it seems fair to assume TCU will work to keep Patterson part of or near the top 10 highest paid coaches in College Football.

TCU Athletic Director Chris Del Conte had this to say about the contract extension, which will keep Gary Patterson at TCU through the 2020 season:

"We don't wait around, you don't let grass grow between your toes when you have the very best in America,'' Del Conte said. "So we settled up ... shook hands and crossed the T's and dotted the I's and we're off to the next subject.''