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Jim Schlossnagle Makes $375,000 As TCU Head Baseball Coach

TCU Head Baseball Coach Jim Schlossnagle's salary makes him the third highest paid coach in the Big 12. Nationally, he is one of the top 20 highest paid coaches.

Jim Schlossnagle Makes $375,000 As TCU Head Baseball Coach
Jim Schlossnagle Makes $375,000 As TCU Head Baseball Coach
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

According to TCU's most recent Form 990 filing, which includes compensation data from the 2013 calendar year, Jim Schlossnagle makes approximately $375,000 in base salary and took home over $480,000 in total compensation. That is good for third in the Big 12 and top 20 in the nation.

Jim Schlossnagle is the most accomplished Head Baseball Coach in TCU's history, and has captained the most consistently successful program at TCU for the last 10+ years, reaching the College World Series twice during that span, including last year's Omaha run.

After Jim took his team to Omaha in 2013, he was rewarded with a contract extension and raise, ensuring that he would remain with TCU as head coach through the 2020 season:

"We're very excited to announce a contract extension for Jim Schlossnagle to lead our baseball program," Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte said. "Jim has done a phenomenal job and is synonymous with TCU and Fort Worth.

"Jim has established TCU as one of the nation's premier baseball programs, and he's done it the right way. It's a great day to be a Horned Frog when you can say that Jim Schlossnagle is going to be our baseball coach for a very long time."