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FOW Trial Post: 3 Reasons we should be glad Trevone Boykin didn't win the Heisman Trophy last year

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Manager's note: This week, we will be publishing trial posts from our FOW finalists. With over 60 applicants, thanks to those who sent an email. This piece is by Deanna Rust; enjoy!

OK, before you start threatening me and shouting, "Boykin for President," hear me out. I’m a huge fan of Trevone Boykin. Really, I am. And there were times last year that I would’ve told you he deserved the Heisman, a Grammy, and the Nobel Peace Prize. But then I got to thinking about it, and I realized I’m glad he didn’t win last year. Here’s why:

1. He Made TCU a Household Name

Not so long ago, if you left the state of Texas and told someone you graduated from TCU, they looked at you like you had spinach stuck in your teeth until you clarified: "Texas Christian University." Then they said, "Oh. OK." Our good buddy Andy Dalton helped change that by leading the team to a victory over Wisconsin at the Rose Bowl in 2011. But Wisconsin and those in the sports world basically pretended the game was a fluke. We got lucky, they thought. Enter Boykin (I don’t have enough words to cover Casey Pachall’s career, so I’ll skip over him for now—sorry Casey). Boykin turned heads and became the leader we were looking for, even though 2012 was a rough season for all of us. Fans love his talent and flexibility. And after last season, everyone knows who TCU is. Even in California, when I told people I graduated from TCU, they would hold up the Horned Frog sign or start talking about our football program. People around the country are excited to see what TCU can do this year. Heck, even Jamberry nail wraps come in two different TCU designs! (Don’t believe me, go here: So basically, thanks to Boykin, I have awesome nails. (Hey, Art Briles, I bet you want to buy some Baylor nail wraps, huh? Oh, wait…they don’t exist. Awww…sad face.)

2. The Heisman Curse

Remember that guy Johnny Manziel? Whatever happened to him? Oh yeah…he got in trouble for illegal autographs (we all know he was in on it), had a terrible season, and got signed by the Browns and lost 30-0 to our pal Andy (I owe Andy a drink for that). And now he’s in rehab. Did you know Disney even has a cartoon episode of Doc McStuffins called "Johnny Foosball?" Yep. It’s about a hotshot toy foosball player who keeps getting stuck during games. He needs oil to help him play, but he’s too embarrassed to use it in front of his teammates because he doesn’t want to admit he needs help. No joke. Look it up. I about died laughing, and my toddler thought Mommy had gone off the deep end.

And what about Jameis Winston? The guy’s got talent but his off-the-field antics have NFL teams wondering if they want to take a chance on him. He’s been accused of sexual assault, shoplifting crab legs from a Publix(seriously?!), and got suspended for an entire game for making obscene comments. What a great guy, huh?

Whether you believe they were innocent or guilty, it’s clear that younger Heisman winners have a lot of pressure on them, and a huge target on their backs. Sports analysts have already said that TCU will be a target this year, so why add more pressure to Boykin? He’s got enough on his plate. And I don’t want to see his name anywhere near "Manziel" or "Winston."

3. 2015 Is Trevone Boykin’s Year

Who wants to see TCU win a National Championship and the Heisman all in the same year? This girl. And pretty much every TCU student, alumni, and fan that ever existed. Boykin has worked hard and made us all proud since he first stepped onto the field. What better way to end his college career than with a National Championship and a Heisman trophy? If he had won last year, 2015 wouldn’t be quite as exciting. So I can patient. Boykin got everyone’s attention in 2014, and this year people are watching and cheering him on.

So do your thing, Trevone. Show everyone what you can do. You deserve an amazing 2015 season. And after you win the Heisman, we hope you’ll run for President, too.