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FOW Draft Profile- Kevin White

From the shadows of a dreadlocked first round pick, Kevin White took over the top corner role in 2014 and thrived- even shutting down likely first round pick Kevin White (WVU). Still, White is smaller than a lot of NFL types want their corners to be- is he a potential early round choice?

How often do you get to draft a ninja, NFL teams?
How often do you get to draft a ninja, NFL teams?
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The NFL is not a fair place, and when picking players, too often your measurables are weighed far more than your actual on field performance.  How else would you explain how West Virginia's receiver (the other) Kevin White is considered (at worst) the second best receiver in the draft and a likely top ten overall pick, while TCU's Kevin White is considered a likely fourth-fifth round pickup.  This despite the head to head matchup between the two that could have barely been any more one sided- as the tape shows.

Kevin White vs. Kevin White

This is why our Kevin White is *the* Kevin White

White's play against the other Kevin White was his finest moment this season, but it wasn't alone, as White repeatedly rose to the level of competition on the way to collecting All-conference honors his senior year to go along with an honorable mention his junior year, and the fact that TCU's secondary didn't really miss a step after the departure of a first round talent at CB the year before is due, in no small part, to White's excellence.  White performed very well at the Senior Bowl as well, but when the NFL combine hit, the good news for White started to go out the window.  He measured in at just 5'9", well under what teams like their outside corners to be, and tweaked his hamstring on his first 40 yard dash attempt as he clocked in at 4.63- a bit slower than teams like their Nickel cornerbacks to be.  Thus the Kevin White of the draft has been considered by some experts as "A cornerback with mismatched parts".  So, like Jamie mentioned in his coverage of Paul Dawson yesterday, where Kevin White will end up going in the draft will depend a great deal on how much teams weigh his game film against his less than stellar measurables at the combine.  I think that White will definitely find a place to stick on an NFL roster and could have a long career ahead of him, as known TCU drafters the Bengals, Patriots and Chargers will give him a good look, as will any team in need of quality cornerback play (I'm looking at you, Dallas and Pittsburgh).  My guess at the moment is you'll see White taken in the fourth round.