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Food Bracket Open Thread: Burger/Pizza Region Round 1 Voting is LIVE

Come vote for all the first round matchups in the Burger/Pizza Region of the Fort Worth Food Bracket.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Burger/Pizza Region is open for voting, and now you have to choose which venues advance to the next round. Click the links next to each matchup to read more about the venues and vote.

No. 1 Rodeo Goat vs. No. 16 Whataburger (Vote Here)

No. 8 Mellow Mushroom vs. No. 9 Buffalo Bros (Vote Here)

No. 5 Kinkaid's vs. No. 12 Jake's (Vote Here)

No. 4 Cane Rosso vs. No. 13 Palio's Pizza (Vote Here)

No. 6 Mama's Pizza vs. No. 11 Pizza Snob (Vote Here)

No. 3 Love Shack vs. No. 14 Perrotti's (Vote Here)

No. 7 Fred's vs. No. 10 M&O Station (Vote Here)

No. 2. Dutch's vs. No. 15 Tommy's Grill (Vote Here)

Here's the Burger/Pizza Region in Bracket Form. If you want to see the full bracket, return to the main thread here.

Burger/Pizza Region