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Burger/Pizza Region Round 1: No. 6 Mama's Pizza vs. No. 11 Pizza Snob

Who should move on?

Win McNamee/Getty Images

An old standard vs. a new upstart. Call this one Kansas vs. Wichita St. Winner faces off against the winner of No. 3 Love Shack vs. No. 14 Perrotti's in the next round.

Love Shack bracket piece

No. 6 Mama's Pizza

Style: Pizza

Location: 1813 W. Berry St.

Price Range: Under $10

Here's a positive review from Yelp:

Ah Mama's Pizza, my favorite pizza place in Fort Worth (now I guess I should say places as they have expanded). Mama's is simply old-school pizza and by Texas standards, a thicker pizza slice that is doughy and extremely cheesy. The crust on the pies features a crisp exterior and a delicious doughiness inside.

No. 11 Pizza Snob

Style: Pizza

Location: 3051 S. University Dr.

Price Range: ~$11-$30

Here's a positive Yelp review:

This is a build-your-own set up: you pick your sauce, cheese, and then up to four toppings on a personal sized pizza for a flat price. Your number is displayed on a giant BINGO sign when it's out of the oven and ready to be picked up. I'm not sure if I came on a bad night or what, but I was pretty disenchanted with the toppings selection. There were like 8 different meats to choose from and only 4 or 5 different vegetables, including olives. Which isn't even a vegetable.

Time to vote! Who deserves to move on?