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Delis/Diners/Misc. Region Round 1: No. 5. Nonna Tata vs. No. 12 Cafe Bella

Who should move on?

Carl Court/Getty Images

Nonna Tata and Cafe Bella are two great places to dine. Winner faces off against No. 4 Flying Fish vs. No. 13 Cafe Modern.

Flying Fish bracket piece

No. 5 Nonna Tata

Style: Italian

Location: 1400 W. Magnolia Ave.

Price Range: ~$11-$30

Here's a positive review from Yelp:

So happy I literally stumbled by this restaurant. I will make the over hour drive to eat dinner here again. The Pappardelle and pasta my table had was fabulous.  Our bruschetta was not acidic (which I dislike) and it was amazing. The house salad was very good. I do not frequent Italian places, however, this we the best Italian food I have ever eaten. There is a reason I do not eat at Olive Garden etc.

No. 12 Cafe Bella

Style: Italian

Location: 3548 S. Hills Ave.

Price Range: ~$11-$30

Here's a positive Yelp review:

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line cuisine served by non-corporate bullshit this is the place I actually used to work for the original owner , who now is partnered up with one of my very first coworkers whom started as a waitress and worked her way up to half owner of this restaurant and proud we are of her ! you should all go to Bella's and have a bite, take a bottle of wine ,and enjoy yourselves,  take your lady, and have a great time!

Time to vote! Who deserves to move on?