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Delis/Diners/Misc. Region Round 1: No. 7 Yogi's vs. No. 10 Carshon's Deli

Who should move on?

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Yogi's vs. Carshon's. Two quality food joints. Winner plays the winner of No. 2 Vickery Blvd. Cafe vs. No. 15 Chadra Mezza.

Vickery blvd bracket piece

No. 7 Yogi's

Style: Deli

Location: 2710 S. Hulen St.

Price Range: Under $10

Here's a positive review from Yelp:

Love this spot! Make a stop every time i'm in fort worth! Makes me feel like i go to TCU though because it's always packed with students around brunch time-i love that vibe though! It's usually busy but they are quick so don't fear the line!

No. 10 Carshon's Deli

Style: Deli

Location: 3133 Cleburn Rd.

Price Range: Under $10

Here's a positive Yelp review:

Best. Reuben. On. Earth.
This place is the real deal. I have never had a bad experience or a bad sandwich from here (and my office takes out from here often).
You have a selection of some of the best sandwich varieties possible, but their list of ready-made "R" branded sandwiches is amazing. You really can't go wrong.
Yes, cash is king here, but if that's a problem for you then life has bigger problems. Come hungry, leave happy.

Time to vote! Who deserves to move on?