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Mexican Region Round 1: No. 8 Mariposa's vs. No. 9 Tortilandia

Who should advance?

Jacqueline Romano/Getty Images

Winner faces off against the winner of No. 1 The Original vs. No. 16 Enchilada's Ole

No. 8 Mariposa's

Style: Latin American

Location: 5724 Locke Ave.

Price Range: ~$1-$30

Here's a positive review from Yelp:

Tried this place for the first time and I have no idea how we've never tried it before! You're allowed to create your own dish (to a certain extent I'm sure) but the waiter recommended pork tamales and they were amazing!! They also had a special with blackened salmon and cabbage that I got and it was great! Not as good as the pork tamales my fiancé got but I was getting it to be health conscious, anyway so I went in knowing that. We ordered a homemade red velvet cupcake for dessert and my fiancé, who hates sweets, said it was the best dessert he's ever had! Will definitely be back. Fantastic service, too!

No. 9 La Tortilandia

Style: Chinese

Location: 1112 W. Berry St.

Price Range: ~$11-$30

Here's a positive Yelp review:

Nice Mexican food restaurant. Came in due to the high Yelp reviews. Was quickly greeted by a friendly staff member. I went ahead and ordered the Carne Asada special which has been shown in Yelp photos. The meat is very flavorful and has a nice char, which is served on a bed of grilled onions and peppers, with a side of rice. Pairs nicely with a side romaine, purple cabbage, guacamole, and tomato salad that is served with the dish.

Time to vote! Who deserves to move on?