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Fort Worth Food Bracket Round of 32: No. 4 Railhead vs. No. 5 Reata

Who should move on?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This one is a matchup that could happen two rounds later and no one would mind. Powerhouse vs. Powerhouse. Winner faces off against the winner of No. 8 Riscky's vs. No. 16 Shady Oak BBQ in the next round.

No. 4 Railhead

Style: BBQ

Location: 2900 Montgomery St.

Price Range: ~$11-$30

The coldest beer in Fort Worth, hands down. Here's a positive review from Yelp:

Stepping inside, the wood smoke smells heavenly. Service was quick and professional, and I ordered a chopped beef sandwich because everyone in the line ahead of me had ordered one, which I find is generally a decent recommendation if you can't decide. It simply melted when I took a bite. I nearly cried, it was so good. Perfect consistency, excellent flavour (not too sweet, not too salty), and it didn't need any barbecue sauce. That being said, the sauce served was delicious, and I did find myself dipping the sandwich every third bite or so.

No. 5 Reata

Style: Southwestern

Location: 310 Houston St.

Price Range: ~$31-$60

Do you like patios? Well the Reata has a great one...ON ITS ROOF. Here's a positive review from Yelp:

Was in Fort Worth this weekend for my friend's wedding and I must say that this fancy restaurant will have me craving for more Texas style food and atmosphere over and over again, now that I am back at home.  
Meals are huge and impossible to finish, especially for a light eater like myself, yet served in very fancy manner. Loved calamari and bacon wrapped crab jalapeños.  
Service was wonderful and we'll definitely be back for more on my next visit to FW.

Time to vote! Who deserves to move on?