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VOTE NOW: 16 Venue's Remain in the Fort Worth Food Bracket

It's time to narrow the field once again.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We made it to the next round! Vote now for all the round of 32 matchups. There are some pretty hard contests to choose.

Southwestern Region

No. 5 Reata No. 16 Shady Oak BBQ (Vote Now)

No. 2 Angelos vs. No. 6 Lonesome Dove (Vote Now)

Burger/Pizza Region

No. 4 Cane Rosso vs. No. 9 Buffalo Bros (Vote Now)

No. 2 Dutch's vs. No. 11 Pizza Snob (Vote Now)

Delis/Diners/Misc. Region

No. 1 Bonnell's vs. No. 4 Flying Fish (Vote Now)

No. 10 Carshon's vs. No. 11 East Hampton (Vote Now)

Mexican Region

No. 1 Original Mexican Eats vs. No. 4 Salsa Limon (Vote Now)

No. 2 Joe T Garcia's vs. No. 6 Fuzzy's (Vote Now)