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Welcome Our New Staffers

We've added seven new folks to the Frogs O' War staff in different capacities as we continue to try and bring you the best, highest quality TCU news on the planet.

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It was a long process, longer than I initially thought, to get through all the trial posts and resumes and emails, but it was worth the effort. We're adding a total of seven folks to the Frogs O' War staff in different capacities. Here are their introductions and bios, so give them a hearty welcome!

Jordan Emily - Content Editor

Jordan liked being a Frog so much after graduating in 2011 that she went back for more, acquiring her Masters degree from TCU in 2014. She has been a die-hard Horned Frog fan since she stepped foot on campus as a high school senior, and she has made the university her home ever since. She very rarely misses a home sporting event, and continues to stay involved with various organizations and events pertaining to TCU around the community. She is currently on a TCU Young Alumni kickball  team, attends all of the Fort Worth Young Alumni events, and she absolutely hates Baylor Football with a fiery passion.

Bscooter26 - Content Editor and Roundtable Connoisseur

A proud 2012 graduate of TCU, Scott Boase also liked it so much he had to stay an extra year. Yet another native Californian who grew up in the same city as Coach Mel, he eventually followed his older brother, Alex, to college and Horned Frog fandom. He was fortunate enough to live on campus when College Gameday came to Funkytown, attend both the Fiesta and Rose Bowl games as a student, and watch the TCU Baseball team make its first ever trip to the College World Series. His sports fandom also lies with San Diego teams (Chargers & Padres), the Sacramento Kings, and by association the four major Dallas-Ft. Worth teams. Scott currently lives on that other side of the Metroplex with his dog and a plethora of purple clothing.

Samantha Calimbahin - #TCULOOKIT Specialist

Recent TCU graduate Samantha Calimbahin joins Frogs O' War as the #TCULOOKIT Specialist. Along with being an avid writer, videographer and superhero nerd, she's also a shameless football fangirl who's not afraid to stop any player to ask for a selfie and autograph.

Warrior Horned Frog - Contributor

WHF ran track with Ronnie Lott in high school out in Rialto, California, and was one of seven Californians in TCU's freshman class in 1976-77. He lived in the old "Pete's Palace" and had the hottest MOPAR hot rod TCU had ever seen. He was a member of the TCU Vigilantes cannon team, and has made his way back to California, currently living in Santa Barbara.

Mason Jamboogie - Contributor

Mason Jamboogie, a Plano, Texas native, is a full time student at TCU. He is a Junior Accounting and Marketing double major, who first heard about TCU at the age of 4, when he saw a car drive by with a purple flag, that appeared to have a lizard with a six pack on it. With a family made up of mostly Aggies and Longhorns, Mason decided that he wanted to forge his own destiny, and decided to take his talents to TCU in the summer of 2013. Some of his hobbies include taking copious notes on what is said on ESPN's "First Take", smoking all competition in NBA 2K15, hair and jawline maintenance, grilling, creating top 10 lists, and giving back to the community. He enjoys watching, talking, and writing about everything college football and constantly claims that football season is the best season of all. More often than not he can be found at Torchy's Tacos off of Forest Park and Rosedale enjoying a trailer park and a matador. During the football season he can be found in the student section, on the first or second row of the 50 or either 40 yard lines. If the business route does not end up working out for him, he would one day like to be the starting point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Deanna Rust - Contributor

A native Californian, Deanna moved to Fort Worth in 2001 to attend TCU (she remembers exactly where she was on campus on 9/11). She graduated with a B.S. in Criminal Justice in 2004 and returned to California, where she worked as a Police Officer and did private security for 6 years.  After getting injured on the job, she became a Paralegal and worked for a top San Diego law office.  She returned to Texas with her husband and daughter in December 2014.  She currently lives in Mansfield, where her neighbors have already been warned that her house might get a little loud during football season!

HToadSwayze - Contributor

HToadSwayze grew up in Lubbock, TX and is a recovering Red Raider fan.  He came to TCU in 2005 where he renounced his Tech fandom and became a true Horned Frog.  He graduated from TCU in '09 with a degree in Economics and still lives in Fort Worth and works in DFW.  His favorite children's book growing up was called "Horny", and it was about a horned frog and his life in the desert.  He still loves to root for that little guy.