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Listen: Gary Patterson Interview with BAD Radio

TCU football head coach opened up about Game of Thrones, Earth Pics, recruiting, and why he loves coaching defense.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Patterson sat down with Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell, co-hosts of BAD Radio on 1310 the Ticket Tuesday, and had tons of fun. Here's a partial transcript, and you can access the full interview here.

On Tweeting Recruits:

"Most recruits know they can DM me from about 10 to 12:30. Instead of watching TiVo, or Criminal Minds, or Game of Thrones or whatever, I just have Twitter up on my laptop while I'm watching cut-ups. It's another way for me to get a chance [to talk to kids]. I don't let anyone else talk to me."

On Game of Thrones:

"It's got to start getting a little more fired up. I'm ready for more action. I'm tired of them punting. They need to start scoring more points."

bscooter26 also transcribed some of the conversation yesterday, while it was happening.

scooter GP 2

scooter GP 1

scooter GP 3
scooter GP 4

A big thanks to Sturm for sending the audio our way after the segment was over. Again, you can listen to the entire interview right here.