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Fort Worth Regional: TCU vs Sacred Heart Gamethread

TCU is hoping to get off on the right track and roll past Sacred Heart into the winner's bracket....

It's finally here.  TCU's first postseason step on the Road To Omaha. Tonight we'll be taking on the Sacred Heart Pioneers.  They're entering this regional as the four-seed and they have a losing record on the year, but as we know, in baseball your team has to show up for every game. If you want to know a little bit more about the Pioneers, Melissa did a great preview on them earlier today, which you can find here.

I'll be in attendance at Lupton tonight and I'll be hoping that the weather holds up.  Or maybe I'll be hoping that it doesn't so that I can move down and find a better seat.  The forecast is, you guessed it, a chance of showers.  Whether you're going to be at the ballpark with me battling the weather or watching from from your nice warm living room at home, join me in the comments below and let's enjoy some good ol' Horned Frogs Baseball.