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TCU vs NC State: The Rubber Match (Game 7) Gamethread

Some didn't believe the Frogs deserved a national seed. The Committee did. As Gary Patterson said, it's time to #ProveThemRight. Tonight is the winner-take-all regional championship at Lupton, so let's get to it.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Last night on Twitter Jim Schlossnagle tweeted out the hashtag #workthecut.  I was confused so I looked it up and discovered that it is actually a boxing metaphor.  To work the cut means that you don't come out swinging for the knockout punch.  You start by jabbing at the area around your opponent's eye until you eventually cut them.  Then, you continue to aim for (work) that cut until your opponent's eye swells shut.  Once you get them to where they can't see, that's when the knockout opportunity comes.

That is what this TCU Baseball team does.  It's not often that they get a three run homer to break the game open like they did Sunday afternoon.  Most of the time they win by doing a lot of little things right over the course of the game.  Not only that, but they keep coming at you, keep attacking, and never quit.  Saturday night's loss was absolutely crushing from a fan perspective and I'm sure it was for the team as well.  How did they react?  They didn't quit.  They continued to work the cut. They fought their way back little by little through the loser's bracket and now they are in a position where all they have to do is win tonight to advance to an unprecedented second super regional in as many years.

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