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TCU Baseball: TCU vs Vanderbilt Gamethread

We're only a few hours away from TCU's showdown with Vanderbilt. Tonight's game is a fight to stay in the winners bracket, something that gives the victor a HUGE advantage going forward. Follow along in the comments with us as we give you live updates on the action.

Aaaaaall Abooooard for Omaha!!
Aaaaaall Abooooard for Omaha!!
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The stage is set. A win tonight for TCU would mean that they get to rest until Friday, enjoy watching the CWS and keep their pitching staff fresh for the rest of the journey. A loss means the same thing that it meant on May 30th when TCU lost game two of their regional: win three straight, or go home.

The starters for today's game have been announced as Alex Young (TCU) and Philip Pfeifer (Vandy). You can check out my TCU vs Vanderbilt preview for more information on Pfeifer. Marsh had a great opinion piece today and Andrew Felts has prepared another one of his ever popular infographics, both of which also cover this matchup .

So far in this tournament, we've have seen TCU play some of the most memorable college baseball games in recent memory. At times, we've also seen them do some things that I am still wishing I could forget *LSU fan silently nods head in understanding*. Overall though, we have just seen some amazing baseball and in the CWS that has held true for almost every game played thus far. Yesterday there were three games which were all decided by one run and two of them were walk-offs. I expect that tonight will be no different. Don't miss it.