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Saturday Links O' War: June 20, 2015

It's a sad day Frog fans, we don't have any TCU games for two months...


TCU Baseball's Wild Tournament Ride Ends in Loss to Vanderbilt

"TCU was 5-0 in tournament elimination games coming into the day. That magical run, complete with a wild comeback, an extra-innings cap stack and an "Energy Train" came to an end with a 7-1 loss to Vanderbilt in the College World Series on Friday evening. Their time in Omaha may be done, but TCU is exiting with its collective head held high."

Defending Champ Vanderbilt Beats TCU 7-1

"It's never about the best team. It's the team that plays the best. And I think Vanderbilt has a heck of a team and they're certainly playing as good as anybody in the country right now," TCU coach Jim Schlossnagle said. "But we felt like we were good enough to play with them. We just didn't play as well as they did today."

TCU Knocked Out of College World Series with Second Loss to Vanderbilt

"As I always say, there are no bad days in Omaha. Some are just better than others. So this one is certainly the worst one, but it's still not a bad day," Schlossnagle said. "Anytime you're finishing your season in the final four ... I felt good about our club, felt it's a national championship-caliber team."

TCU's Season Ends in Second Loss to Vanderbilt

""It’s hard to reflect right now, but it’s a really special group, and a group that has really helped establish us as a legitimate program, an Omaha program," coach Jim Schlossnagle said.
Preston Morrison, Trey Teakell, Keaton Jones, Derek Odell and Travis Evans were part of TCU teams that went 18-10 in the postseason over the past four years, making two trips to the College World Series. Cody Jones, Garrett Crain and Jeremie Fagnan played on the 2013 and 2014 teams."

Photos: TCU vs Vanderbilt, June 19, 2015

Skoug Doing it All For TCU

"But the freshman has learned how to handle himself among the vets, taking their feedback and picking things up from their interactions amongst each other. Psychology is part of the job description. Being a catcher means you have to deal with all kinds.
"Especially when a guy like Preston Guillory comes in—a little emotional sometimes, and you gotta make sure you keep him in check," Skoug said. "I don’t really have to do much with Trey, but with Mitch (Traver) and Preston especially, I’ve just gotta make sure I’m on top of my game with those guys.""


Revs Off TCU-ex Carter Chance to Re-Showcase Football Talent

"It hurt me," he said. "I wish I would have been out there balling out with [TCU]. I had to just fight through it and do what I had to do. This is the route God has taken me.
"That was very difficult. But they’re my brothers no matter what. Once a Horned Frog, always a Horned Frog. I’m happy for them … this year they’re going to come out and get the [national championship]."

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