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Frogs Across the Nation Show Support for TCU Baseball

Students, fans, and alumni take to social media to show support for TCU Baseball

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

There's nothing like being back in Texas.  After living in California for the past 10 years, I can truly appreciate the spirit of TCU that thrives in DFW.  My husband is still discovering this phenomenon, as he attended a California school that doesn't even have a football team (I realize some of you are struggling to breathe after reading that).  When I try to explain the lack of school spirit in California, Texans don't seem to understand.  "What do you mean?  The downtown buildings don't change colors to match the school?  You can't buy a college t-shirt at Albertsons?  Where do you buy your t-shirts?!"

And with the explosion of social media, it's become even easier to show your support for your favorite team, tag your cross-town-rival buddy with a taunting remark, or hassle the opposing team's fans (Can Aggies write anything other than, "We're gonna gig ‘em"?).  So during Monday's amazing TCU Baseball comeback, it was incredibly entertaining to read the social media posts from fans across the nation, particularly on Twitter.  Below are some of my favorites.

First, there were the Sports Networks:

ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo):

TCU Offense in 8th, 9th & 10th Innings

*8 Runs (7 of them unearned)

*5 hits

*5 walks

*4 errors

*2 balks by NC State

SB Nation's rockchalktalk (@rockchalktalk):

Super impressive what TCU has done since joining the big 12.  Might be the best program in the state at this point.

NCAA Baseball (@NCAACWS):


We are all tied up in Fort Worth!


Then, there were the obvious fans:

TCU Baseball (@TCU_Baseball):

#ToadToOmaha is the no. 1 trend in DFW tonight!  Thanks fans for your unbelievably awesome support this weekend!

TCU Horned Frogs (@TCUFFL) posted some great stuff here.

TheFrogHorn (@TheFrogHorn):

Hearts are still pounding with excitement over what @TCU_Baseball and @TCUSchloss were able to do last night #IntestinalFortitude #GoFrogs

Great Davey's Ghost (@Ace_Gagnon):

Greatest comeback in collegiate sports since Michigan State won the Cotton Bowl.

#sorrynotsorry #ToadToOmaha

And of course, our own Frogs O' War (@FrogsOWar):



The not-so-obvious fans:

Kansas State University President Kirk H. Schulz (@kstate_pres):

Congrats to @TCU_Athletics on a huge win over NC State in Baseball-doing a great job representing the @Big12Conference #OnToOmaha

Fort Worth Police (@fortworthpd):

Congrats to @TCU_Baseball on one of the greatest victories you'll ever see.  And we were here to see it.#ncaabaseball

Of course, there were just the fans themselves who were entertaining:

Mitch (@mitchsmith67):

Sources next person to get on base is getting pinch ran for and @List10bee_Swagg is running

and then...

Holy crap wow just wow frogs win frogs win frogs winnnnnnbbbbbb!!!!

Luis Rodriguez (@GDTLu) posted this fun one.

The TCU Baseball Players-Turned-Pro:

Jake Arrieta (@JArrieta34):

Comeback for the ages from the Frogs!Congrats to all the players and to @TCUSchloss

Taylor Featherston (@TFeath12):

Had the game on in the clubhouse last night.  Great team win!!  Find a way.  @TCUSchloss @TCU_Baseball good luck next week.  #ToadToOmaha

Kevin Cron (TcuCron00):

Holy friggin frogs!!!!  Love the fight!

Unbelievable!  #SLAPHANDS

Matthew Purke (@mattpurke47):

Congrats to @TCU_Baseball @TCUSchloss one heck of a comeback last night.  Can't keep a great team down.  Good luck in the supers #ToadToOmaha

And everyone's favorite Two-World-Series-In-One-Year pitcher:

Brandon Finnegan (@bfinny29):

Greatest comeback of all time!!  That's TCU baseball!!! @TCU_Baseball

The football players showed their support:

Aaron Green (@AaronGreen22):

We about to end this

followed by...

I'll say this once NEVER underestimate the will of the TCU FROGS! #ROAD2FreakinOMAHA #TooColdU @TCU_Baseball

There was our own Frogs O'War Editor, Jamie Plunkett (@TheDSportsRant), who started with:

@TomRyleBTB drowning in bitterness right now

but had a change of heart with:

Well.  That sure makes things interesting.

and continued with:

Stress level blurred vision



and finally, my favorite:


Thanks, Jamie.  Not sure I wanted that visual.

Then there were the news anchors, sports writers, and commentators:

Ryan Osborne (@RyanOsborneFWST):

@calexmendez there was a lot of select-all deleting in that press box last night.

keith russell (@krussellcbs11):

#TCU basking in glory of miracle comeback last night and so are we.  Our report at 4p CBS11.  @CBSDFW @TCU_Baseball

Anish Sharoff (@AnishESPN):


Jordan Daigle (@Jordan_Daigle):

Baseball gods are you there?

And then...

Catching air in my celebrations

Followed with...

They've done it!!! @TCU_Baseball pulls off a huge come back!  I'll remember this one forever #ToadToOmaha

Chris James (@CJOffTheBench):



Chris Conaty (@Con-Man95) had this gem.

Carlos A. Mendez (@calexmendez):

The Horned Frogs are rolling around in right field.  Some of their shirts are off.

He followed up with a great quote from the press conference:

NC State coach: ‘It got so loud, I'd like to think it didn't rattle my team.  But there were some things and some calls ... might have.'

Marc Istook (@MarcIstookNFL) had one of my favorites.

David Ubben (@davidubben):

The joke is on TCU.  All these runs NC State is giving up are tax deductible.

But my favorite Tweets came from Mark Cohen (@TCUSID):

If neighbors are trying to sleep, good luck!  @TCU_Baseball has this place rocking!


There's something about June 1!  One year ago to the day, @TCUBaseball won its 22-inning classic with Sam Houston State.

and finally...

I've never used the term OMG until now, & it's deserved!  Tie game!  @TCU_Baseball rallies from 8-1 8th-inning deficit.

My favorite player tweet is here from Austen Wade.

Did I mention how happy I am to be back in Texas?  If I missed one of your favorite social media tweets, post the link in the comments or on one of our FOW social media pages.  The feeling of the Regional win will live on for years to come.  But it's time to focus on the task ahead:  let's flood social media with words of encouragement for our Frogs, who now face A&M this weekend.  Show that that Horned Frog spirit, whether you're in Fort Worth, California, or abroad!  Frogs For Life!