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A long goodbye to Texas A&M: TCU 5, A&M 4

It took 16 innings, but the Frogs clinched a second consecutive trip to the CWS with a win over the hated Aggies.

We're coming back, Omaha.
We're coming back, Omaha.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a lot more baseball than any of us were expecting.  It was another tense game with both fanbases loud in the stands- the Aggies took an early 1-0 lead off of a solo home run in the second inning, while the Frogs took a bit longer to solve the A&M pitching staff, finally tallying on Skoug scoring on an Odell single and then taking the lead as Jones brought him home on a double in the fifth.  The Frogs added another two runs in the sixth inning and after giving up another solo shot to the aggies in the eighth we went to the ninth with a 4-2 lead.  However, Ferrell couldn't get control and left us a jam in the ninth, and the Aggies rolled up the two runs they needed to tie the game- leading to another extra inning affair.  Extra innings passed on with neither team managing to put over a run, though the frogs had a good shot in the 14th, only for the Frogs to be put in serious danger in the top of the 16th as the Aggies got men on second and third before Traver managed to get the last strike out.  Finally in the bottom of the 16th the Frogs got Crain on on a walk, and after two fly outs he advanced to second on a wild pitch by Aggie pitcher Ryan Hendrix.  After another walk from the aggies to fill the empty first base, Skoug ended the game with a single that the aggies couldn't handle cleanly, letting Crain score from second.  Five hours and fifty five minutes after the first pitch, and with the Frogs leaving 13 men on base to A&M's 17, TCU secured their way back into the College World Series for the second consecutive year.

Bring on LSU.

Go Frogs.