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MLB Draft Hub: Which teams are picking up Frogs?

Follow this post for the latest on the Horned Frogs in the MLB Draft.

As the Frogs were battling for Omaha, two of their pitchers were selected in the MLB Draft.
As the Frogs were battling for Omaha, two of their pitchers were selected in the MLB Draft.
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Day 1

Being drafted in the big leagues was probably the last thing on the minds of Alex Young and Tyler Alexander, but it happened. In the second round of the MLB Draft, both pitchers were taken--Young to the Arizona Diamondbacks, and Alexander to the Detroit Tigers.

But Monday night (or rather, Monday night into Tuesday morning) was about one thing: getting to Omaha. And Young proved his worth, pitching 6 2/3 innings with a career-high 10 strikeouts.

Alexander, on the other hand, came in the 9th inning, only to walk one batter and load the bases. He was off the mound before recording an out.

Still, both Young and Alexander were impressive enough to get major league attention. Both contributed to TCU's 2.38 ERA, the second-best ERA in the country. As of yet, Young has a 2.31 ERA. Alexander has a 2.86 ERA--the highest among TCU's starters, but still not a bad number to claim.

In the spirit of ERAs, the Detroit Tigers have the 12th-best team ERA in the MLB, while the Arizona Diamondbacks are second to last. Ehhh.

The big leagues will have to wait, though. These two still have games left to play for TCU. They'll pitch in the pros eventually, but first? Omaha.

Day 2

With their third round pick and 79th pick overall, Riley Ferrell has been selected by the Houston Astros. Ferrell was originally projected to be a late-first round pick but has struggled in his last 4 appearances, likely sliding him all the way to the third.

If Ferrell is able to corral his control issues, the Astros will have gotten a bargain third-round pick.


Kansas City Royals pick center fielder Cody Jones in the sixth round, 189th pick overall. Remember who became a Royal last year? *wink wink*


It's about time! The Chicago Cubs pick up pitcher Preston Morrison in the eighth round, TCU's fourth pitcher drafted to the MLB. Anyone feel like he should have gone earlier?


Yet another pitcher gets snatched from TCU. The Detroit Tigers, who had selected Alexander in the second round, also picked up reliever Trey Teakell in the ninth round. Teakell became the fifth pitcher drafted out of TCU.

Day 3

The Tigers add another Frog to their collection, snagging shortstop Keaton Jones in the 15th round. The senior broke the school record in assists this season. Jones joins pitchers Alexander and Teakell, who were also drafted by the Tigers.


The strikeout hero of the Super Regional finds some big league attention. Mitchell Traver becomes TCU's sixth pitcher to be drafted, going to the St. Louis Cardinals in the 28th round. *insert Matt Carpenter reference*

Traver, however, has opted to stay at TCU for now. He's still a sophomore finding his break as a starting pitcher, so he has a lot of K's ahead of him with the Frogs. Glad to have you back, Mitchell!