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TCU Football Countdown: 48 Days

There isn't a #48 on TCU's roster for 2015, so we throw it back to a well-known #48 from the past: former fullback Luke Shivers.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

These days, it's rare to see a fullback on the field for TCU, but you don't have to go too far back to find a time where a lead blocker was employed as a critical cog in the offense for the Frogs. One of the best to open holes from the backfield was #48, Luke Shivers, who played for TCU from 2007-2012.

Initially recruited as a linebacker out of Whitehouse High School in Whitehouse, TX, Shivers was a District MVP and honorable All-State mention at linebacker as a senior. During his redshirt year, Luke was moved to the offensive side of the ball by Coach Patterson, where he would thrive for the next four years. He would play in 51 games, and while he only had 19 total carries, he scored touchdowns on an impressive ten of them. Given the ball in very specific situations - generally those that started inside the five yard line - Luke's longest career run was for all of four yards. He did more distance damage through the air, where one of his 15 career receptions went for 38 yards - which was longer than his total career rushing yards (30).

Shivers was a part of four bowl appearances and three bowl wins with the Frogs; his TCU career coinciding with the renaissance of Frog Football. His biggest TCU moment was during the biggest TCU game in history, as he scored a one yard touchdown in the Rose Bowl victory over Wisconsin.

The most valuable part of Shivers game, apart from his scoring proclivity, was his blocking - he led some darn good running backs through the hole. Among his backfield mates were Matthew Tucker, Ed Wesley, Waymon James (man, that was a heck of a trio), Ryan Christian, Aaron Brown, and Joseph Turner.

48 days and counting... while we may not see a FB on the field against Minnesota, I am sure we will see lots of runners busting through the hole to open the season!