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Lightning Round: Things We'd Like to See at Big 12 Media Days

Melissa and Marsh will be in Dallas Monday, here's a preliminary list of things they'd like to see...

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hi, glad you're joining us. For the first time, and who knows--maybe last time, you'll get to experience TCU's Big 12 Media Days from your friends/paramour/mortal enemies here at Frogs O' War.

Big 12 Media Days may not have the general interest that say SEC Media Days capture, but who cares. It's much more entertaining. Keeping up with tradition, the Mary Kay conference will also be going on, and who knows, maybe Marsh will pull out his handy dandy note pad to see what the various patrons of that convention can tell us about the Big 12. No matter where you stand on the importance of media days, at least it's yet another sign that the greatest sport on earth will be gracing us sooner rather than later. So while the SEC wraps up their media days, here's what I hope to see at the Big 12 Media Days in Dallas:

Sunglasses Tans

With #DadBods in full effect throughout the country, nevertheless the college football community, the college coaches have the unique opportunity to make this the tanning trend of this great year as well. It says: I just got back from a reasonably priced, all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carman and now, I have a whistle.

Art Briles in a short sleeve short. We know you have tattoos, Art.

Seriously, I wear longsleeves all the time. I'll admit, they're comfortable. But it is weird there are only no photos post-Stephenville of Art Briles sleeveless. I just hope, not just for my own sake, that there isn't actually something wrong with Art's arms. If there are, Art--I'm sorry. But if there aren't, SHOW ME.

How Many Times Realignment Will Be Brought Up

Drink every time this happens. Black out by 1pm. Seriously though-- and we'll save the long winded answer for another day-- do we actually want this to happen? I know (Marsh) that I'm one of the few, along with KING CDC, who thinks that this is a knee jerk reaction, but it's going to take a lot more than being left out of the inaugural CFP playoff because the Big 12 had two really great, dead even teams. It's not even about disrespect to the schools maybe or maybe not being considered; but (a) Unless Louisville and BYU decide both decide to come hang with the squad I'm out. And (B), like I said, I like the Big 12's round robin.

This conference is probably going to dissolve, and I'd rather be preparing an exit strategy for everyone--and a good one at that. For instance, if the Big 12 decided to add Memphis and Houston, then Texas and Oklahoma bail in a few years, there's a chance TCU stays with the members it won't want to. Stick with the round robin, and even if it does fall apart with 10 members, the Frogs could either go West; or who knows, maybe the conference a hair east of us would want to add a team from the Metroplex.

Bob Stoops admits that Mike is Fredo

Stoops Brothers Ranked:

  1. Bob

  2. Mark

  3. Rob Jr

  4. Mike

If you haven't seen the The Godfather movies, particularly the second installment, Fredo is the special brother that brings the family down, and up until his death, he does this quite literally. Oklahoma's defense is fine. But we all know who's really running the show.

Ryan Gosling replaces Kliff, see if anyone notices. Or cares. But yes, they do look a lot alike.

"Butcher Mayfield"

Get Kansas and Texas Tech to admit they'd much rather be sponsored by Nike

Or at least Umbro. Like any person born in the 1980s or early 1990s knows, Umbro is an amazing brand and it left as the popular one too soon.

Gary Patterson officially throw his hat in for the Han Solo prequel

Have All of the Coaches Play a Live Game of Cards Against Humanity

Side note: who is the funniest/wittiest/dirtiest coach in the Big 12? I may take Dana for all three.

Have Art and Gary do a Wipeout style challenge...then karaoke "Why Can't We Be Friends?"

The good version, obviously.

Bill Snyder using technology

Any technology. Even a beeper.

"But I damn near got capped, 'cause my beeper kept beepin"-
Dr. Dre, "Aint Nuthin' But a G-Thang"

Charlie Strong's jorts collection

You know he brought them with him from Florida to Louisville and Louisville to Texas.

Jake Trotter and David Ubben arm wrestling

Two of the heavy hitters of Big 12 blogging. If you can believe it, one of things I was most excited for when TCU joined the Big 12 was that David Ubben was going to write about the Frogs. Now he's with Fox, and I'm writing about him arm wrestling the guy who essentially filled his shoes at ESPN. What a world.

Melissa's money's on Trotter

Shawn Oakman in a shirt that actually fits

As opposed to this

Kingsbury and Holgorson shot-gunning beers in a back room

Come back and join us Monday and Tuesday to see what we've learned.