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Tuesday Links O' War: July 21, 2015

Lots to read up on from yesterday's Media Day, where TCU - especially Trevone Boykin - drew the majority of the attention.


For Gary Patterson, molding TCU's is music to his ears - Dallas Morning News

“It was good enough to get my wife [Kelsey],” Patterson said at Big 12 media days Monday. “You think I got her with my looks? You got to have a little personality. I can dance. I can sing a little bit. I had game.”

“I used to like writing music. My creative itch is now defense,” Patterson said.

From also-rans to front-runners, TCU attitude stays the same - Waco Tribune

Patterson cut the guy off mid-sentence. “You don’t know me very well,” the coach said, uncurling a sly grin. “Just go ask any of these (players) if I’ve been jovial. Ask them how happy I’ve been, if I’ve been happy with how everything has been going. Just take a poll to these four guys and see how all that goes.”

Seemed like a fun exercise to me, so I played polltaker. And, of course, Patterson was right. According to his players, he is as focused (read: surly) as ever.

That being said, TCU has undefeated potential, and Patterson knows it—even if he won’t say it out loud. And so his new favorite line this offseason, repeated in interviews and his locker room, has become an acknowledgement of the pressure. “Last year was about proving people wrong,” he likes to say. “This year is about proving people right.”

"I really like the attitude of our football team," Patterson said. "This summer has been a very businesslike manner in how they've gone about it."

"A year ago, you had to prove people wrong. This year, you have to prove people right," Patterson said Monday when he was the first coach to take the podium at the league's football media days. "As a football team, that's really, from my approach on down, how we've tried to handle it."

“I would hope he would be, and he has every right to be, and should be,” Kansas State coach Bill Snyder said. “I think Gary’s done marvelous. I’ve always had great respect for him, even when he wasn’t at the top. Good person. I like so many things that Gary does.”

Best of Big 12 Media Days:

"We don't want to just participate in the playoff; we want to win championships. I think that's a clear enough aspiration. And we haven't been as successful as we would have liked to have been. What do we have to do? We have to get better. We have to win big games when we have them before us, and we have to demonstrate by competition in the postseason that our conference has led us to be highly competitive at the end of the season."

“There’s lots of opportunity to be in helmets and shoulder pads without full contact,” Bowlsby said. “When I say full contact, that means taking people to the ground. So there’s a lot of wear and tear that goes on during the course of the football season. I don’t think that we’re going to find that this is a disadvantage. In fact, I think you may find that you have a healthier team in the second half of the season.”

“I haven’t really thought back on it too much. I wish him the best of luck. It sounds like he’s doing a great job there, which I knew he would. Hopefully he plays really good in every game except one.”  —  Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury on Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, who transferred out of Texas Tech

There were, of course, guidelines. Kingsbury, who has a stipulation in his contract that he gets to pick Texas Tech’s uniform combinations, made sure the players sent him photos for prior approval, according to Jackson.

“Just no burnt orange, things like that,” Jackson said. “He didn’t want us to go too crazy, not too out there. My bow tie was probably the furthest I could go with.”

Five takeaways from Day 1 - OU Daily

“I hear the schools that are mentioned from time to time and I think all of them are mentioned for a reason,” Snyder said about potential expansion candidates. “I would say this.  I think there is probably some universities out there that haven't necessarily been mentioned for maybe some obvious reasons that might have an interest in being a part of our conference.  But I don't know that for a fact.”