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Links O' War: Wednesday July 22, 2015

All you need to know is Art Briles says it's ok to take his blanket away.

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Recapping TCU at Big 12 Media Days - TCU360

“We have been preparing for Minnesota since March,” Patterson said. “It’s hard going into a situation where the game is at 8 p.m. It’s state fair week so the town is going to be buzzing. We really have to get ready. We know we’re going to get their best shot.”

TCU now trying to prove people right -

"A year ago, you had to prove people wrong. This year, you have to prove people right," Patterson said Monday when he was the first coach to take the podium at the league's football media days. "As a football team, that's really, from my approach on down, how we've tried to handle it."

TCU now trying to prove people right as Big 12 favorite - CBS DFW

TCU and coach Gary Patterson are now trying to prove right the people who have tabbed the Horned Frogs as the preseason Big 12 favorite.

They proved a lot of people wrong last season when they shared the Big 12 title with Baylor.

TCU in unusual spot as favorite - Columbia Daily Tribune

"What two great examples are there out there for a program like us," Beaty said. "Art Briles, former Texas high school football coach, one of my coaching heroes coming up. ... Gary Patterson, one of the finest defensive minds in the country, one of the best head coaches in the country, cares truly about kids."

TCU's Patterson: Being undefeated not necessary to make CFB playoffs - Fort Worth Star Telegram

Patterson said “overscheduling” is the same as having too many practices in pads because it wears down a team. He aims to play one “stretch” game, one 50-50 game and one winnable game prior to conference play. “What you want to do is build confidence coming out of your non-conference schedule, and you don’t want to be beat up,” he said. Patterson said a team can usually get up for five to seven high-emotion/high-stakes games per season.

TCU Notebook: Different questions this year for Patterson - Tulsa World

“It’s been a great summer. We’re just moving forward recruiting wise, football wise, facility wise. Things have not stopped at TCU.”

Fear this Frog: How Trevone Boykin transformed his career - NewsOK

This summer, his star is shining. He's thrown out the first pitch at a Rangers game. He's been invited to the esteemed Manning Passing Academy. He's been contacted by pretty much every quarterback guru, saying they want to help him but really wanting to help themselves by being associated with him.

Media Days Roundup

Big 12 needs to stop worrying and just play good football - USA Today

Never mind that TCU and Baylor, the league's two best teams, were a couple of plays away from the inaugural Playoff field. Here's the thing: If you think you're psychologically disadvantaged, you are psychologically disadvantaged — even if it's only in your own mind. Even if the inferiority complex is unwarranted, when it plays out publicly, it tends to become a public narrative.

Winners and Losers from Big 12 Media Days - Bleacher Report

"When you're on a team with 105 guys, you don't get a chance to get to know them on a personal level. But that incident broke down some barriers for us. You stand up in a room and talk about some real-world issues. Even talking on a subject like that brings us closer together."

Hancock: Big 12 shouldn't rush towards a championship game - Stillwater News Press

“There’s no question that Ohio State benefitted from getting a chance to play another game against a quality opponent. It enhanced their resume,” Hancock said. “However, you have to remember the risk of conference championship games, and we’ve talked about this, a lot of us have, if two of those games had come out differently, the Big 12 could have had two teams in the playoff and they would have looked like a room full of geniuses at this point."

Art Briles compares himself to a baby - Dallas Morning News

“You can’t do the same thing over and over again, or you’ll get stale and you’ll get beat,” Briles said. “To me, that’s the exciting part. Like I said, I’ve been doing it since 1979 and I feel like a baby. I do; I feel like a little baby. And if I act up, take my blanket away."