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Links O' War: Thursday July 23, 2015

Players talk swag and new unis, Briles still hasn't gotten over being left out of the playoffs, and more Boykin Heisman/pre-season hype talk!


Can a one-loss Big 12 team secure a playoff spot? -

Even though Patterson is right, my advice is to go undefeated and leave the decision out of the committee's hands, even though that's much easier said than done.

TCU knows recruits 'want to have swag' - Dallas Morning News

“That actually had a little bit to do with why I came here,” McFarland said. “I did my research on TCU and I was like, ‘wow they kind of always look good when they play.’ It’s something I had on the back of my mind.”

McFarland said he was considering Texas A&M and Mississippi State at the time, but the schools’ new deals with adidas made it easier to commit to TCU since he knew what the Frogs were getting with Nike.

Will Boykin and TCU live up to well-deserved hype? - CBS Sports

“It really wasn't hard [changing offenses] at all,” Boykin said. “I basically played in the spread offense all through high school. When I sat down with Coach Cumbie, basically it was, do I want to play quarterback in this offense? If I do, I have to take it serious[ly].”

TCU's Boykin focused on this year - KLTV

"Ultimately it comes down to does everyone buy in and does everybody want to execute and do things right," Boykin said. "We ended last year pretty good, but like I said we got to replace a lot of guys on defense. We only have to replace one guy on offense, but us being a veteran offense a lot of the stuff we did the first year, it can't happen the second year."

Around the Big 12

Briles says brand names kept Baylor, TCU out of playoffs - Sports Illustrated

“A lot of 60 [year olds] on selection committee. Old dogs don’t wander far from home,” said Briles.

Baylor football not bothered after being picked #2 - Dallas Morning News

“Getting chosen second, I mean that’s okay,” Briles said. “It’s better than getting third. I guess you’ve got to win it three times in a row to get picked first.”

Some Big 12 issues to ponder while waiting for the season - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"I don't think it means that everybody has to play three top 20 teams in their preseason," Bowlsby said. "I also think it doesn't mean that everybody has to play three that are FCS or in the bottom of FBS. So I think there's a happy medium there."

What we learned at Big 12 Media Days -

"If we go another year and get left out and it appears to be systemic, we need to be mindful of it," he said. “One year doesn't make a trend. I don't believe we're disadvantaged at this point. But that doesn't mean a disadvantage couldn't develop or couldn't be shown to exist. I think it's the majority of our CEOs right now that believe likewise."

Ranking the Big 12 Coaches - Campus Insiders

2. Gary Patterson, TCU

Patterson is TCU, and TCU is Patterson. And the coach’s blue-collar, tireless approach is evident in his players. Patterson is the reason the Horned Frogs are back on a big stage, shedding years of life in the WAC, Conference USA and the Mountain West to join the Big 12 three seasons ago. And the reason why the facilities have been upgraded in recent years. Sure, TCU is situated in the fertile DFW area, but it’s a small private school that’ll always exist in the shadow of Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma. To remain competitive, Patterson has been masterful at elevating off-the-radar talent, like Jerry Hughes, Paul Dawson and Trevone Boykin, often times at unfamiliar positions. The coach is an elite defensive architect, and his willingness to overhaul the offense was central to last season’s unlikely national surge.