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Know the 2016 Recruits: KeShawn Somerville, and why we should all speed in excitement over the Cornerback

Why the physical, speedy 2016 cornerback commit will make you speed like Chad Glasgow. #NoTicketsTho

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

While it was a little easy to miss amid the CFP committee selection, TCU got a real gem on December 8th in Pflugerville Hendrickson defensive back KeShawn Somerville. Somerville is an explosive athlete and just what any coach looks for in a cornerback; runs a 4.4 40-yd, and has a 32-inch vertical.

As the 17th ranked cornerback in the country, Somerville originally committed to Baylor--over Texas State--in June of last year. Suffice to say, flipping the prized corner from the hated rival just a day after both teams learned that neither of them would be part of the inaugural College Football Playoff was a nice consolation, as well as big victory for the newly proclaimed "Too Cold U".  It's a commitment that had now co-defensive coordinator, Chad Glasgow so excited that caused him to accelerate his speed a little bit and was ticketed by the good ol' Cowtown Police for doing so.

In addition to Baylor and Texas State, Somerville chose TCU over Nebraska, Georgia, Oklahoma, and there was even a point where Charlie Strong and Texas were very much in the mix. Watching his highlights, Somerville, for terms that Gary himself would love, has that "Frog Factor". If you're joining us from outside the TCU sphere, it means what you probably guess it means. No, Somerville isn't a high school quarterback who Gary will turn into the next Paul Dawson, Jerry Hughes, or any other converted savant; but he plays, above all things, with a ferocity that reminds me of gritty corners like Richard Sherman.

Somerville doesn't have the height of a press corner like Sherman, but he sure plays like one. Height, while important, can be made up for in a big wingspan, which KeShawn has. After all, TCU isn't really known for tall corners either like say, former Nebraska standout Stanley Jean Baptiste: Cyd Calvin and DeShawn Raymond currently stand the tallest--both are at 6-1.  Clearly, it's the physicality, not the height, that can shape a player like Somerville.

Again, suffice to say that Somerville was a great early Christmas present for Frog Fans, just like DeShawn Raymond was as perfect as a Halloween treat as Gary Patterson and Co. could ask for. Somerville, also like Raymond, leaves plenty of room for optimism that the TCU depth, and strength in corner will continue to thrive. Also, who doesn't love the idea of "The Shawns"; DeShawn and Keshawn, being on the field, dominating at the same time.

Go follow KeShawn @Dread_Head512. Also. watch this highlight video, and if you're doing it while driving, prepare to get pulled over: