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TCU Football Countdown: 39 Days

Two walk-ons, including a receiver looking to make game one extra special, bring us to 39 days before kickoff.

Elsa/Getty Images

At 5'5" and 150 pounds, Stacy Boyd doesn't cut an imposing figure on the football field - especially when he gets behind the behemoths on the offensive line. But the junior out of Western Hills High School in Fort Worth is one of the unsung heroes of the TCU Football program; a kid who runs the scout team, fills in at practice for injured players (he was huge in the spring of 2014 as the Frogs were transitioning to the Cumbie/Meacham offense without the use of three of their top backs who were lost to injury), and does it all without a scholarship. While he has yet to see game action, here's hoping he gets on the field some time in the next two seasons!

The other #39 on the roster is a Minnesota kid - Justus Canfield is a wide receiver out of Irondale High School in New Brighton, just ten minutes from the University of Minnesota. For Justus, the opening game of the season will be especially meaningful - the hometown kid will have a chance to play in front of his eight siblings - all of whom who have special needs - and his mother, who raised them all as a single mom. Justus is a pretty amazing young man - the QB for Irondale, he kickstarted "Tackle Cancer" on his campus, raising funds to support research and support of those with the disease, in honor of his sister, who has been battling it herself. Another walk-on, Justus made his on field debut in the Peach Bowl, and while he didn't register any stats, it was the culmination of his hard work and certainly meaningful for the young man. I think we can all hope to see Justus make a play in 39 days, at the stadium he grew up in the shadows of.

39 days away, and the chance to meet two unselfish young men, who make TCU Football go behind the scenes.