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TCU Football Countdown: 36 Days

We continue our run on specialists, meeting a redshirt freshman kicker who is waiting his turn behind a potential all-time great.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Kickers are people, too. And while playing a position that is far more likely to make you a goat than a hero isn't for everyone, the Frogs have a couple good ones on the roster heading into 2015. Most of us are familiar with Jaden Oberkrom because of his heroics against West Virginia, but he isn't the only strong legged player on the roster. Redshirt freshman Ryan Graf out of Indiana has a solid track record of his own, and his experience at Culver Military Academy, coupled with his redshirt year, have given him an edge in maturity and physical growth.

Culver didn't miss a field goal attempt for Culver, and was 23/26 on extra points during his senior season there. Culver is in Indiana, so he is experienced in kicking in inclement weather as well. With a 55% touchback ratio in high school, Graf has a big leg that can blast the ball through the end zone. He has shown good accuracy as well, and should only improve as he continues to hone his craft at the collegiate level.

While we all hope that Jaden is able to see the season through completely healthy, we look forward to seeing Ryan compete with gray shirt freshman Jonathan Song (All Saints, cof 2015) next spring and into the fall for the kicking job in 2016.