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TCU News: The Importance of Rivalry; Superstitious Patterson

ESPN asks, is rivalry even important anymore?


Are college football rivalries still important? | ESPN

At what point does the TCU-Baylor rivalry get the respect we feel it deserves? Not quite yet, based on the tone of this ESPN article.

In their place is, well, maybe, could be, TCU and Baylor. They are co-champions who will begin this season at or near the top of the rankings. They are more alike than different: small, private schools, 90 miles apart. They have played 110 times. Baylor leads 52-51, with seven ties. That's right. They've been playing so long that they have seven ties, and no one has a tied a game in 20 years.

How Josh Doctson went from walk-on to preseason all-conference | USA Today

A pretty awesome story about a pretty awesome individual, both on and off the field.

When TCU opens the season Sept. 3 at Minnesota, Doctson will line up as the No. 1 receiver for the nation’s No. 2-ranked team, trying to earn all-Big 12 honors for a second consecutive year. And he’ll be doing it at the school that gave both he and his mother a chance when they needed a place to land.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson has a preseason superstition involving safaris | USA Today

Interesting....Did he go back again this year? Yes, yes he did.

Before TCU’s 13-0 season in 2010, head coach Gary Patterson and his wife Kelsey went to Africa, primarily to look at and photograph animals (if you follow Patterson’s Twitter account, wildlife pictures are among his passions).

TCU receiver Listenbee has added more than just speed to his game | FOX Sports

He's been working on his hands.

"You get a lot of track guys that are really fast, but they don’t become football players," coach Gary Patterson said to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "And he catches the inside ball, he catches the hard catch, the dig, the crossing route; he plays the ball in the air, which he didn’t do a year and a half ago. He caught a ball yesterday that was a back-shoulder throw that he came back to, and he also can outrun you.”

The AP Top 25's most surprising programs, for better (Boise State, TCU), and worse (Oklahoma) | SB Nation

SPOILER ALERT: Texas is a huge disappointment.

Preseason polls are frequent targets for complaining. They give too much weight to bowl performances and spring practices, they favor name brand teams, and so on.

But misguided as it might be to have a ranking before actual games, the polls still have meaning. I decided to find out which teams the polls have been most frequently surprised by over the last decade, for better and worse.


New TCU volleyball coach has a special love for her school | Fort Worth Star Telegram

It's bound to happen when you hire a former athlete to coach at their alma mater. Glad that her passion is trickling down to her team.

“She has a lot of pride for the school,” junior Ashley Smith said. “She thinks TCU is an amazing school, which we all thought. It’s really refreshing to be able to play under her and to get that we’re playing for our school.”

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