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Someone Voted TCU No. 17 in the AP Poll

Who? That would be Mitch Vingle of the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

(Author's note: preseason polls are worthless, this proves why. But, there are still 10 days until we have football so let's direct our sports outrage at some poor, unsuspecting journalist.)

Some people just don't want us to have nice things. Add Mitch Vingle to that list.

You see, Mitch, lead sports columnist for the Charleston Gazette-Mail, in Charleston, West Virginia decided that there were 16 teams deserving of a higher ranking than TCU.

Well, Mitch, you're pretty much alone in this endeavor. You see, 45 of your peers voted TCU No. 2 in this poll. Guys like Brett McMurphy, Joel Klatt, Kirk Bohls, and Joey Knight, upstanding guys, all had the foresight to rank TCU in their proper place to begin the season.

We'll even give a pass to 10 of the 11 writers who voted TCU No. 3, behind Ohio State and the likes of Michigan State, Alabama, USC, Auburn, and others. (NOTE: To the 11th writer who voted TCU No. 3, Jimmy Burch of the Fort Worth Star Telegram, behind Baylor: You have brought great shame upon the house, Jimmy).

Heck, we'll even give a pass to the three voters who has us No. 4, and the one, Ed Johnson of the Albuquerque Journal, who had us at No. 6.

But not you, Mitch. Not you, who had us behind teams like Georgia, Arizona State, UCLA, Stanford, and NINE SPOTS BEHIND OLE MISS.

Hey Mitch, we have a video we want you to watch.

You can see Mitch's whole poll here, where he has LSU No. 2, Notre Dame No. 3, Oklahoma No. 5, Baylor No. 11 and generally more insanity than one human being can handle.

Come on, Mitch. Get it together, man.

(Another Author's Note: Again, preseason polls are worthless, this is something to be taken incredibly lightly, and Mitch is probably a pretty nice guy. Probably.)