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News: We are one month away from college football

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For TCU, a new arena name is about the spirit of two | Fort Worth Star Telegram

A powerhouse couple in the Fort Worth area and huge TCU supporters are affecting change in a ton of ways. While giving to the basketball program may not be the same style of philanthropic giving they typically do, it will still affect change for the program.

Ed and Rae Schollmaier made it look easy.

Having shared operas, concerts and TCU basketball games for 45 years, they now share the name of the Frogs’ remodeled gym.

The Fort Worth couple gave $10 million to launch the campaign for Ed and Rae Schollmaier Arena, an obvious name that also marks an incidental change in philanthropic giving.

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Soccer Adds Washington To Staff |

TCU hired a new director of operations for the soccer team. Washington will be in charge of most administration duties as well as assist the coaches.

“We are very excited to have Nikki on our staff,” raved head coach Eric Bell. “She brings a wealth of high-level playing experience both at the collegiate level and on the youth national teams as well as her professional playing experience. She’s a fantastic player with wonderful ideas about stuff on and off the field. We are very happy to have her.”

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Here's a quick look at how to live a balanced life in the final month before college football comes back. Pretty funny stuff.

What can you do in that last month to prepare yourself? We offer a few suggestions, which we don't expect you're going to actually follow. But this way it's not our fault when you contract Sooner's Gout before Halloween. (Sooner's Gout is a disease we made up. Symptoms include joint pain, wearing an Oklahoma polo shirt and your "good khakis" to a wedding reception, loss of body hair, and recurring violent dreams about Mike Stoops.)