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TCU News: Freshmen making an impression, Frogs a favorite

That's nothing but good news for the Frogs.


TCU's freshman linebackers, receivers make an impression | Fort Worth Star Telegram

This is great news, mainly because of the way the depth chart plays out at linebacker. Also, interesting tidbit about Montrel Wilson moving from safety to linebacker, and Paul Whitmill possibly moving to fullback.

Also standing out at the position was Montrel Wilson, another true freshman who signed with the Frogs as a safety out of Keller Fossil Ridge. One reason Wilson was moved to linebacker was because Paul Whitmill, one of two TCU linebackers with game experience, might move to fullback, Patterson said.

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New odds favor Ohio State, Bama, Clemson, USC, TCU to win power conferences | SB Nation

All odds provided by Bovada. They also show that TCU would be in the playoff if the odds hold true.

Alabama, TCU and Auburn are the closest to Ohio State at the top, and would make up the playoff field along with the Buckeyes if the odds prove to be correct.

ESPN the Magazine cover lists Baylor and TCU in Final Four | Dallas Morning News

They're listed as making the playoff alongside Ohio State and Auburn, so, take that for what it's worth.

The issue itself will not be released until Aug. 18, so we will have wait to see the reasoning and methodology until then. But seeing that begs the question: how could both teams get in?

Meacham, Cumbie say they turned down chances to leave TCU | WFAA

Some pretty awesome quotes from the co-OCs in this piece, including this gem from Meach.

“I’ve been in it long enough to know what a good thing is,” Meacham said. “Our boss is probably the best head coach in the country. The facilities are off the charts. The athletic director, Chris Del Conte, is progressive. And Fort Worth? I love it here. My wife loves it here, my kids love it here – in our business, you find all those combinations, it means a lot.”