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The Frogs O'War Podcast: Episodes 1 (Intro) & 2 (Minnesota Edition)

The Frogs O' War Podcast will be a weekly occurrence this fall, covering upcoming games, topics of the day, former Frogs, etc. Give our first two episodes a listen.

Every Tuesday, you'll be able to hear the Frogs O' War podcast. For the inaugural podcast Marshall and onetime Frogs O'War contributor Andrew Brown and converse. Jamie and Melissa should be making regular appearances, and since Felts is in Austin, he'll also make appearances.

Episode 1, August 28th: So close to football season

For the first episode, which was sans Jamie--he'll be back for Episode 2--Andrew and I look at the season through a wide lens. For instance; which games scare us, the most underrated player, breakout player, the Bluu's food, Steve Sarkisian, and of course the God, Trevone Boykin.

You can listen to the pod here, or find us on iTunes.

Episode 2, September 1st: Jake Arrieta's no-hitter, Minnesota preview

Marsh and Andrew talk about Jake Arrieta's no-hitter before Jamie hops on the phone to talk about the Minnesota game. The duo closes by discussing which other Labor Day weekend games they're most excited to see this weekend, Texas A&M, and a realization they both need a lesson in Texas-Arkansas geography.

You can listen to the pod here, or find us on iTunes.