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2015 Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Week 2

Will there be an outright leader after this week's games?

After a solid first week for most folks (MOST = not Warrior Horned Frog), we're back with round two. The question this week is - can anyone be perfect? We'll see, because while most of these games should be pretty easy to call, there are a few doozies mixed in.

Here are the standings after week 1:



This Week

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Scott Boase






Mason Jamboogie






Melissa Triebwasser












Marshall Weber






Andrew Felts






Jamie Plunkett






Simone Elices






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Hawkeyed Frog






Warrior Horned Frog





And here are the week two games.

Big 12

Kansas State @ UT San Antonio

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas State 35, UTSA 10 - Kansas State brushed South Dakota off like a flake of dandruff in week 1, but UTSA is a much better opponent. The Roadrunners gave No. 22 Arizona quite a handful, and will do the same to the Wildcats thanks to a solid game from Blake Bogenschutz.

Marshall Weber: Kansas State 28, UTSA 17 - Even roughed up, the Wildcats succeed against a not-terrible UTSA squad. A Larry Coker squad that challenges themselves in Non-Con way more than Baylor.

Melissa Triebwasser: Kansas State 37, UTSA 24 - With questions surrounding the health of starting QB Jesse Ertz, the Cats will be thankful for another chance at a tune up game. Special teams was a highlight in week one, as Morgan Burns picked up where Tyler Lockett left off. The D was also solid, but remains untested against a quality opponent.

Hawkeyed Frog: Kansas State 27, UTSA 16 - The Wildcats look worse than last week without their marching band's inspiring performance, but not bad enough to lose to the Roadrunners.

Andrew Felts: Kansas State 37, UTSA 28 - Kansas State returns to the Alamo Dome just two games after their Alamo Bowl defeat and edges past UTSA. Backup quarterback Joe Hubener takes the reigns after starter Jesse Ertz is sidelined with an injury and passes for two touchdowns. A better than advertised UTSA squad hangs around, but K-State seals the win with a late field goal.

Warrior Horned Frog: Kansas State 31, UTSA 14 - I remember the Alamo, but I don't remember UTSA winning much of anything yet. I do hope to see them become a force, but it ain't gonna be this year.

Rusty Frog: Kansas State 30, UTSA 17 - If UT-San Antonio can take advantage of any openings or blunders by Kansas State, then they’ll put points on the board.  Otherwise, it could be another blowout for the Wildcats.

Scott Boase: Kansas State 38, UTSA 16 - KSU's defense is too much against an overmatched FCS team, the Purple Wizards roll.

Samantha Calimbahin: Kansas State 38, UTSA 17 - The Wildcats score in pretty much every way possible--four touchdowns (one by the defense), three field goals and even a safety. However, after the final touchdown of the game, Kansas State's kicker decides to get funny and miss the extra point on purpose so the score will be 17-38. On a side note, the K-State marching band puts together a heartfelt routine that makes everyone cry and think about the meaning their lives.

Mason Jamboogie: Kansas State 32, UTSA 10 - Bill Snyder wins this one with good fundamentals!

Simone Elices: Kansas State 41, UTSA 30 - Kansas State travels to San Antonio to take on a Roadrunner team that lost 42-32 on the road last week to the number 22 ranked Arizona Wildcats. Kansas State won their game last weekend 34-0 against a South Dakota team that gave them little trouble all game. If their defense hopes to have another successful weekend, they will certainly need to focus on shutting down UTSA’s David Morgan II, who caught a team-high nine passes for 109 yards last week.

HToadSwayze: Kansas State 30, UTSA 10 - Joe Hubener played almost all of the opener, so there won't be a significant drop off in production, despite the loss of starting QB Jesse Ertz.

Texas Tech vs. UTEP

Jamie Plunkett: Texas Tech 41, UTEP 35 - UTEP's ground game gave Tech serious fits a year ago, and seeing how the Raiders allowed Sam Houston State to run for 317 yards in week 1, it doesn't seem like things have been fixed quite yet. Aaron Jones ran for 144 yards against Tech in 2014 and is looking to have a repeat performance on Saturday.

Marshall Weber: Texas Tech 60, UTEP 45 - Tech's defense was supposed to be mad. It may be terrible. And with Arkansas on the horizon, with TCU immediately following, it'll get worse before it gets better.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas Tech 49, UTEP 31 - Tech is going to put points on the board; this is nothing new. Pat Mahomes is legit, and can make plays with his legs and his arm. But the defense surrenders yards in chunks, and hasn't shown they can clamp down if necessary.

Hawkeyed Frog: Texas Tech 40, UTEP 38 - I think the Miners match up well against the Raiders this year, but historically it's not a game that UTEP wins- ever.  The last win for the Miners in the series was 1957, and I'm not betting against the streak.

Andrew Felts: Texas Tech 41, UTEP 35 - Patrick Mahomes cools off a bit after his 425-yard, four-touchdown performance against Sam Houston State a week ago, but still leads the Raiders to another non-conference win. Mahomes throws a trio of touchdowns, while DeAndre Washington tacks on another. Texas Tech’s soft defense allows the Miners to keep it close, but the Raiders pull it out in the end.

Warrior Horned Frog: Texas Tech 21, UTEP 0 - Yay. Tech wins one.

Rusty Frog: Texas Tech 30, UTEP 27 - Tech has historically won most of the meetings between these teams. Neither team strikes me as running away with this.  Both allowed over 40 points on defense last week, so it could go back and forth until Tech finally pulls ahead and UTEP runs out of time to answer.

Scott Boase: Texas Tech 45, UTEP 31 - Tech's offense will put up points, and the porous defense will give up almost as many points.

Samantha Calimbahin: Texas Tech 41, UTEP 10 - Tech's offense powers on over UTEP in a mega-blowout, but the defense puts on an impressive show as well, holding the opponent to nothing more than a single touchdown and a single field goal.

Mason Jamboogie: Texas Tech 45, UTEP 24 - Tech wins, but once again shows large holes on the defense.

Simone Elices: Texas Tech 38, UTEP 21 - Texas Tech should be a much improved team from last year when these two teams met and Tech barely won 30-26. After giving up 671 yards against Sam Houston State last week, their defense  will certainly need to sort things out before the Miners’ running back, Aaron Jones, comes to town. Jones ran for 147 of the 277 total rushing yards that UTEP gained on the Red Raiders last year.

HToadSwayze: Texas Tech 48, UTEP 35 - Texas Tech's defense looked really bad last week.  I expect to see more of what we saw last week, a close game that Tech wins with offense.  I really don't expect to see much more than that from them in wins this season.

West Virginia vs. Liberty

Jamie Plunkett: West Virginia 56, Liberty 0 - I was incredibly impressed with West Virginia's obliteration of Georgia Southern. Liberty doesn't stand one iota of a chance.

Marshall Weber: West Virginia 49, Liberty 3 - I'm with our Australian amigo aboard the West Virginia bandwagon. If they can keep scoring, the Mountaineers will be a great spoiler this season.

Melissa Triebwasser: West Virginia 52, Liberty 13 - WVU may have looked the best of the Big 12 teams in week one, as the new receiving corp picked right up where last year's left off, and new starter Skyler Howard had some impressive moments of his own. Of note is the new look Eer defense, who demolished Georgia Southern - including three picks by Karl Joseph - in the third quarter.

Hawkeyed Frog: West Virginia 60, Liberty 3 - I'm sorry I doubted you, Mountaineers.

Andrew Felts: West Virginia 63, Liberty 10 - Days after Dana Holgorsen argues against FBS teams scheduling FCS opponents, Holgorsen’s squad completely douses the Liberty Flames. Former Kansas head coach Turner Gill, who now leads the Flames, has no answer for his opponent (not unlike when he was at KU). Despite over 100,000 students who take classes from Liberty University online, the school can’t find the 22 it needs to beat West Virginia.

Warrior Horned Frog: West Virginia 63, Liberty 3 - Liberty's gonna get their bell rung.

Rusty Frog: West Virginia 48, Liberty 27 - West Virginia will win this, but Liberty will make a decent showing.  The fun part will be watching their kicker, John Lunsford.  In true Oberkrom-fashion, Lunsford had a 52-yarder last weekend and had a 60-yarder last season.  And we all know how much West Virginia loves watching a good field goal…

Scott Boase: West Virginia 28, Liberty 3 - "West Virginia should not play FCS opponents." Defense almost pitches another shutout but gives up a FG in garbage time.

Samantha Calimbahin: West Virginia 44, Liberty 14 - The Mountaineers continue to climb the trail of domination with a 30-point win. West Virginia finishes almost every drive by scoring in some form or fashion, taking a big lead early and keeping it until the end. By halftime, most of the crowd has left because the game is boring.

Mason Jamboogie: West Virginia 48, Liberty 6 - As patriotic as their opponent sounds, WVU wins this one easily.

Simone Elices: West Virginia 51, Liberty 7 - I don’t know much about Liberty, but with the way West Virginia played last week against a good Georgia Southern team I don’t think it matters too much. West Virginia should be able to get through this game and set their eyes forward to Maryland and the start of Big 12 play.

HToadSwayze: West Virginia 44, Liberty 0 - West Virginia play another team I've never heard of and crushes them.  Just for fun, I'm gonna say by the same score as last week.

Iowa State vs. Iowa

Jamie Plunkett: Iowa State 20, Iowa 16 - These always seem to be knock-down, drag-out fights. I'm really just hoping this one doesn't end 9 to 6 like it did in 2012. Or maybe that it does. IDK.

Marshall Weber: Iowa State 20, Iowa 17 - The Clones lost by 3 last year, at Iowa. Let's put on our Big 12 tinfoil hats and go all pro clone.

Melissa Triebwasser: Iowa 27, Iowa State 17 - I have no idea who plays QB for Iowa, and frankly I don't think it matters. The Cyclones have some nice young talent, and might climb out of the Big 12 cellar this fall. But Iowa takes home the CyHawk this season.

Hawkeyed Frog: Iowa State 23, Iowa 13 - My deepest sympathies go out to the Iowa Hawkeyes community after they lost one of their greats, Tyler Sash, this week.  That said, I don't think that Kirk Ferentz can get the job done, and a new attendance record at Jack Trice stadium will see the Cyclones beat the Hawkeyes.

Andrew Felts: Iowa 31, Iowa State 20 - The Cyclones winning streak against the State of Iowa will come to an end at one on Saturday. Iowa quarterback C.J. Bethard has another solid outing, throwing for two scores and over 200 yards against his team’s in-state rival. The new largest crowd in Iowa State history can’t rally the home team, and the Cyclones fall to 1-1 on the year.

Warrior Horned Frog: Iowa 21, Iowa State 14 - Liquor sales in Iowa ARE reported up.

Rusty Frog: Iowa 31, Iowa State 30 - Both teams had solid games last week, but Iowa is still pissed off that they lost this matchup last year.  If they bring that fire to this week’s game, it could be enough to put them over the edge.

Scott Boase: Iowa 27, Iowa State 24 - The Cyclones' showed off a solid passing attack last week against a decent UNI team, but I'm going against them for a second week in a row because I believe more in Iowa's run defense, if that makes any sense. Iowa in a tight one.

Samantha Calimbahin: Iowa State 24, Iowa 21 - Iowa is hungry from all the saltiness of last year's loss to Iowa State, when the Cyclones won with a last-second field goal. Amazingly, Iowa wins in the exact same fashion, by a field goal.

Mason Jamboogie: Iowa 26, Iowa State 13 - Iowa actually looks like it improved during the offseason, and Iowa State also looks like they improved during the offseason. Go Big 12, so root for ISU I guess?

Simone Elices: Iowa 28, Iowa State 17 - If Iowa can start their run game early, Iowa State could be in for a long game. The Cyclones normally run a 3-4 defense in order to keep up with the spread offense of the Big 12, but have instead decided to switch to a 4-3 this week in order to combat the heavy run offense of the Hawkeyes. I still don’t see Iowa State’s defense—a defense that allowed over 38 points per game last year— being able to stop many teams this year.

HToadSwayze: Iowa State 38, Iowa 35 - Iowa State actually looked pretty impressive last week by recent Iowa State standards. They pull off the upset and take home the Cy-Hawk for a second consecutive year.

No. 19 Oklahoma @ No. 23 Tennessee

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma 31, Tennessee 24 - Oklahoma better hope that Baker Mayfield got his sea legs under him against Akron, because going into Knoxville and coming out with a win won't be an easy feat.

Marshall Weber: Oklahoma 38, Tennessee 28 - Speaking of tin foil hats, I'm with Eric Striker on this one. I'm not putting a Big 12 sticker on my car anytime soon and display xenophobic conference Nationalism like they do in College Station; but I want the Big 12 to be good. WE need the Big 12 to be good. That means Oklahoma has to be good, and beating Tennessee in Knoxville is a great start.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma 34, Tennessee 31 - Watch the Sooners win at Tennessee this week, and see the hype train pick up serious steam in Norman. With TCU and BU both looking vulnerable early on, a couple big wins for OU could turn the narrative to them as a Big 12 title favorite in short order.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma 31, Tennessee 27 - Tennessee is talented, but they're young, and I don't see them keeping a lid on OU's offense all that effectively.  Historically OU does well under Stoops in these big non-conference games, so I'm picking him to get it done again here.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma 35, Tennessee 30 - Despite a raucous home crowd in Knoxville, the Sooners hold off Tennessee to improve to 2-0 on the year. Joe Mixon tallies over 100 yards for the second time this season while pulling in two scores. Baker Mayfield connects with two other receivers and Big Game Bob notches a road win over a top 25 SEC team.

Warrior Horned Frog: Tennessee 36, Oklahoma 35 - I don't know if Oklahoma's up for taking on the Vols' fans. We thought Minnesota was rough.

Rusty Frog: Oklahoma 30, Tennessee 21 - Tennessee could easily pull the upset here.  But Oklahoma had such a strong showing last week that I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Scott Boase:Oklahoma 33, Tennessee 28 - I am most excited for this game out of any this week, and it's another that could go either way. It'll be close and Tennessee is a much improved team this year, but ultimately the Sooners' experience in big games and their wanting to make up for a disappointing season overall last year (by OU standards) gives them the slightest edge.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma 27, Tennessee 21 - The Oklahoma-Tennessee matchup is a toughie, but somehow the Sooners run out of Knoxville with the win. Baker Mayfield's stellar arm puts on a show again, causing some to prematurely whisper things about potentially winning awards and such. But shh. It's waaay too early.

Mason Jamboogie: Tennessee 37, Oklahoma 31 - The Volunteers have a lot of blooming talent, but their defense left something to be desired last week against Bowling Green. I’m giving this one to the Vols because it is in the house that Manning built, and this one looks a lot like the TCU vs. OU game last year.

Simone Elices: Oklahoma 27, Tennessee 24 - The first Big 12 – SEC game of the year is one that many fans have had circled on their calendars for a long time. Oklahoma comes into this game trying to prove that this team and program are capable of climbing back to the top of the Big 12 where they believe they belong, while Tennessee has plenty to be excited about in a young team led by quarterback Joshua Dobbs. Neyland Stadium will certainly be rocking for what should be a very exciting game.

HToadSwayze: Oklahoma 35, Tennessee 28 - I'm such a Big XII homer. I know that Tennessee's recruiting is on point, and everyone is picking them as a surprise team in the SEC.  They just haven't shown me anything yet, and I think Oklahoma's team is really stacked this year.

Kansas vs. Memphis

Jamie Plunkett: Memphis 45, Kansas 17 - Memphis beat Missouri State so bad (how bad was it?) that the Tigers received a vote in the coaches poll. Pair that with the fact that Kansas may actually be worse than Missouri State, and look out.

Marshall Weber: Memphis 56, Kansas 35 - Taking my Big 12 tinfoil hat off and praising Fuente.

Melissa Triebwasser: Memphis 34, Kansas 13 - Welp, Kansas, you had your chance. I don't see a scenario where they are a favorite the rest of the season. On a happier note, Justin Fuentes has a great shot to win the AAC and complete the Memphis turnaround.

Hawkeyed Frog: Memphis 38, Kansas 23 - Shout out to our old friend Justin Fuente who has made Memphis a conference champion.

Andrew Felts: Memphis 56, Kansas 21 - At this point if Kansas wins a game, their season will be a success. Memphis isn’t great, but they’re a heck of a lot better than South Dakota State. Kansas put up 38 points and nearly 600 yards of total offense last week, but the Jackrabbits scored at will. If KU wants to knock off Memphis, they’ll likely have to match that offensive effort while stepping up big time on defense.

Warrior Horned Frog: Kansas 35, Memphis 21 - At least game travel won't consume much fuel.

Rusty Frog: Memphis 28, Kansas 21 - Memphis is on the road at Kansas and coming off a 63-7 win against a redshirt freshman QB, and Kansas lost 41-38 to South Dakota.  I think this will actually be a close game.  Kansas put up 576 yards on offense last week, so I think they’ll put up a fight.  But Memphis will ultimately pull through for the W.

Scott Boase: Memphis 30, Kansas 3 - This might be the worst Big 12 team, ever. Kansas will probably beat someone they're not supposed to this year, but I won't be picking them in any game this year.

Samantha Calimbahin: Memphis 23, Kansas 10 - Riding on the momentum of their 56-point win over Missouri State, Memphis stuns a weary Kansas, whose offense struggles to move the ball throughout the entire game. The game isn't all-out domination for Memphis, but Kansas' turnovers sure end up helping a lot.

Mason Jamboogie: Memphis 35, Kansas 13 - Memphis is easily one of my top 5 favorite college programs to root for. I’m hoping that my prayers for the tigers to join the Big 12 are answered soon, and I’m sure they will show the ability to handle the Jayhawks on Saturday. Memphis also gets style points for having the great Justin Fuente as their HC.

Simone Elices: Memphis 48, Kansas 24 - Memphis head coach, Justin Fuente, had his offense looking great in their 63-7 opening win against Missouri State last week. Even though it was Missouri State, is there much of a difference in this Kansas team, considering they lost their opening game 41-38 to FCS opponent South Dakota State?

HToadSwayze: Memphis 34, Kansas 17 - Why did I think Kansas could beat and FCS team at home?  Oh yeah, the Big XII homer thing.  Memphis wins this one.

Oklahoma State vs. Central Arkansas

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 42, Central Arkansas 13 - Oklahoma State struggled on the road against Central Michigan, but they should cruise in the friendly confines of T. Boone Pickens Stadium against an FCS opponent.

Marshall Weber: Oklahoma State 38, Central Arkansas 20 - Better than last week. Still some work to do for the pokes.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma State 45, Central Arkansas 24 - After looking shaky in week one, Okie State gets back on track against UCA. Mason Rudolph has another strong game, but questions about the defense don't go away.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma State 25, Central Arkansas 10 - Central Arkansas 10.  The Cowboys are a bit disappointing, but not "Lose to an FCS team" disappointing.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma State 49, Central Arkansas 16 - Oklahoma State "rebounds" after a lackluster performance at Central Michigan last week. The Cowboys score early and often as Mason Rudolph tallies 300 yards passing and four total touchdowns. Wide receiver Marcell Ateman has a day, hauling in 150 yards and three scores.

Warrior Horned Frog: Oklahoma State 56, Central Arkansas 21 - At least game travel won't consume much fuel (part 2).

Rusty Frog: Oklahoma State 38, Central Arkansas 10 - Oklahoma State is playing at home, and Central Arkansas got whooped by Samford last week. Plus, Mason Rudolph is making his long-awaited first start for OSU this week.  I’m predicting some early-game jitters, followed by a strong offensive showing.

Scott Boase: Oklahoma State 34, Central Arkansas 18 - The Pokes will improve on their inefficiencies they saw in week 1, but still won't be as sharp as everyone expected them to be in the preseason.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma State 27, Central Arkansas 14 - Quarterback Mason Rudolph shows some improvement from the last game, throwing for three touchdowns and ending a few drives with a field goal. The win becomes a confidence booster for the Pokes as they show signs of regaining their poise.

Mason Jamboogie: Oklahoma State 32, Central Arkansas 13 - The pokes should have better luck in this week’s episode of "Let’s play someone with Central in their name".

Simone Elices: Oklahoma State 35, Central Arkansas 7 - The good news for Oklahoma State going into week two is that they are playing an FCS team in Central Arkansas, and the Cowboys have never lost to an FCS opponent under head coach Mike Gundy. However, Oklahoma State will certainly be looking to perform better than they did last week against Central Michigan, where they barely scraped out a 24-13 victory. Oklahoma State running back, Chris Carson, has proclaimed that he aims to be one of the top three running backs in the Big 12 come years end, and a big outing against the Bears will certainly help his case.

HToadSwayze: Oklahoma State 42, Central Arkansas 17 - How about OSU playing two teams with "Central" in their name in consecutive weeks?  This week goes a little bit better for them and they look a little bit sharper.  It would be hard not to.

No. 4 Baylor vs. Lamar

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 70, Lamar 0 - This is the game where I tweet that Simpsons meme that says "Stop! Stop! They're dead already!"

Marshall Weber: Baylor 70, Lamar 3 - KD Cannon is great. Seth Russell still has some steps to go to truly convince me, but apparently not #BaylorTwitter, that he's an amazing quarterback.

Melissa Triebwasser: Baylor 51, Lamar 20 - Ho hum.

Hawkeyed Frog: Baylor 101, Lamar 3 - Art Briles wants to break 100 this season, just to show that he can.

Andrew Felts: Baylor 77, Lamar 3 - Yeah, this one isn’t close. Baylor puts up 800 yards of offense thanks to five first-half touchdowns from Seth Russell. Backup Jarrett Stidham comes in after halftime and tacks on three more scores. The Playoff Committee isn’t impressed.

Warrior Horned Frog: Baylor 70, Lamar 12 - Gnashing of teeth and Lamartations Sunday morning.

Rusty Frog: Baylor 55, Lamar 7 - Who the heck is Lamar?!?!

Scott Boase: Baylor 60, Lamar 10 - Baylor's suspended starters return in another cupcake blowout.

Samantha Calimbahin: Baylor 42, Lamar 14 - Back at McLane, Baylor dominates Lamar and holds them scoreless for the majority of the game. Lamar gets a few late touchdowns, but by then, it's already too late.

Mason Jamboogie: Baylor 58, Lamar 10 - Baylor will once again pad the stats of their offense by playing another cupcake, but hey the committee won’t leave out an undefeated team right (will still argue to the death that Florida State wasn’t a top 4 team last year). Anyways if Baylor can give up 21 points to SMU, I’m going to show Lamar a bit of love on this one.

Simone Elices: Baylor 56, Lamar 17 - Once again, Baylor has another tough out of conference game early in the season as they host Lamar, an FCS team that beat their NAIA opponent 66-3 last week. With that score in mind, Baylor fans will probably try and claim this as a quality win come Saturday night.

HToadSwayze: Baylor 63, Lamar 17 - Baylor's defense is still a little suspect and SMU kept things close through two quarters.  The Bears decide to play and beat up on an even weaker opponent this week to make up for it.

Texas vs. Rice

Jamie Plunkett: Texas 23, Rice 17 - A late turnover keeps Rice from notching their first win over the Horns since 1994.

Marshall Weber: Texas 23, Rice 17 - One of the worst games ever played at DKR is nearly one of its biggest upsets.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas 23, Rice 21 - Tempted to go with Rice here, but the defensive talent of the Longhorns is too much for the Owls to overcome. Charlie Strong's seat is hotter than the pits at Franklin BBQ.

Hawkeyed Frog: Rice 20, Texas 17 - JFK asked, "Why does Rice play Texas?"  Because sometimes Texas is bad and they can win.

Andrew Felts: Texas 17, Rice 10 - Despite shuffling the coaching duties on his offensive staff, Charlie Strong’s team finds the endzone just twice on Saturday – marking the team’s highest offensive output since November 15, 2014. Tyrone Swoopes and Jerrod Heard split time at QB, adding to the old adage "if you have two starting quarterbacks, you don’t have one." Austin Walmart stores brace for a massive decline in t-shirt sales.

Warrior Horned Frog: Texas 21, Rice 14 - I remember when these teams were pretty darn good.

Rusty Frog: Texas 41, Rice 17 - If both teams play the way they played last week, the Longhorns will leave the field embarrassed again.

Scott Boase: Texas 24, Rice 13 - Tyrone Swoopes is not a good Quarterback, nor a very good runner, but Johnathan Gray will see a lot more carries as Texas rights the ship for the first time since last November. However, if I was a betting man, I'd be taking Rice (+15.5) in this one.

Samantha Calimbahin: Texas 23, Rice 21 - Rice is no Notre Dame, that's for sure. But the Owls threaten the Longhorns throughout the game, keeping the score close and never trailing behind by more than a touchdown. Texas continues to struggle but eventually squeezes out a win, followed by countless articles by writers questioning the state of the program.

Mason Jamboogie: Texas 24, Rice 17 - Texas has done the worst possible thing anyone could ever do in the college football universe. Which is get beaten by Notre Dame so bad that everyone hops on the Irish hype train (flips desk and cheers self up with memories of the 2013 National Championship). Texas doesn’t know what to make of itself and Charlie already switched play callers after week 1.

Simone Elices: Rice 28, Texas 17 - Where to even start with this Texas team? I predicted last week that their defense would show up ready for their battle against Notre Dame, and I could not have been more wrong. Normally, I would attribute this to my habit of not giving Notre Dame enough credit, however, Texas’ defense look absolutely lost and the offense looked more predictable than I’ve seen in a long time.  You would think that Rice would be a chance for Texas to right the ship, but I can’t go out on a limb for Texas twice in a season, much less twice in two weeks.

HToadSwayze: Texas 31, Rice 14 - Isn't it crazy that I actually thought for a second about the outcome of this one? Texas made a strong case for the worst team in the state last week, but they still have that athletic ability to overpower the Owls.

No. 3 TCU vs. Stephen F. Austin

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 56, SFA 6 - The only reason this isn't 70-6 is because Patterson calls off the dogs in the 3rd quarter.

Marshall Weber: TCU 63, SFA 10 - Boykin gets his footing back at home. Throws for a few scores, runs for one more. The Frogs gain over 600 yards of offense, and thus all the optimism comes back.

Melissa Triebwasser: TCU 49, SFA 10 - We back. Trevone Boykin goes nuts a week after questions about his improvement drove the anti-TCU narrative in week one. He only needs three quarters to amass 400 total yards of offense, as the return home and the lesser opponent allow him to get his bearings back as a Heisman contending QB. The TCU defense continues it's strong play, but a late TD given up by the backups means a few extra gassers in practice before SMU.

Hawkeyed Frog: TCU 56, SFA 10 - This will make us feel better for a while.

Andrew Felts: TCU 56, SFA 24 - The Horned Frog offense uses this game against their in-state FCS opponent to iron out the kinks that the team faced last week in Minnesota. Trevone Boykin puts up his first big statement in his Heisman campaign by going 39/62 with five passing and two rushing touchdowns. However, the big question mark surrounding this team gets even bigger as a depleted secondary struggles to contain their inferior opponent.

Warrior Horned Frog: TCU 73, SFA 12 - Boykin connects. TCU spread 61 - Baylor spread 58.

Rusty Frog: TCU 21, SFA 3 - TCU has a lot of injuries to cover for this week, specifically on defense.  Defense won’t allow more than a field goal.  Offense may hold back a bit, focusing more on accuracy and guaranteed completions versus taking chances.

Scott Boase: TCU 42, SFA 10 - The depleted Frogs defense comes out swarming and gets some much-needed playing time for the LBs and Defensive Line replacements.

Samantha Calimbahin: TCU 48, SFA 10 - The crowd is pumped, the players are pumped--hey, even the ticket scanners are pumped to be back home at the Carter. Gary Patterson gave the boys an ugly talk after Minnesota, and the team finds its motivation to play light years better than the last game. The defense gets a couple picks and keeps SFA to 10 points.

Mason Jamboogie: TCU 48, SFA 9 - With all the missing pieces on defense, the frogs are going to have to show if they have strength at depth, and we’ll see how quickly they can adapt. Thankfully it’s not a Big 12 opponent nor an away game, but I still have confidence in our offense. It’ll be fun to see Boykin and Co. cut loose and sling it.

Simone Elices: TCU 55, SFA 3 - TCU’s home opener should prove to be an exciting time for everyone not in a Lumberjacks jersey. Give Gary Patterson 10 days to let his team know just what he thinks of their performance in Minnesota, and we should see a team that comes out ready to impress. Even with the issues on defense this week, this will be a good time for the Frogs to figure out how they are going to play going forward.

HToadSwayze: TCU 52, SFA 17 - Every day I get more and more grateful for this little stretch of SFA and SMU.  The Frogs will get back to playing a dominant offensive game in this one and hopefully come out with the same number of players they went in with.

Around the Country

No. 5 Michigan State vs. No. 7 Oregon

Jamie Plunkett: Oregon 38, Michigan State 31

Marshall Weber: Michigan State 34, Oregon 28

Melissa Triebwasser: Michigan State 34, Oregon 31

Hawkeyed Frog: Michigan State 31, Oregon 25

Andrew Felts: Michigan State 35, Oregon 31

Warrior Horned Frog: Michigan State 28, Oregon 23

Rusty Frog: Michigan State 34, Oregon 28

Scott Boase: Michigan State 42, Oregon 34

Samantha Calimbahin: Michigan State 31, Oregon 24

Mason Jamboogie: Michigan State 39, Oregon 36

Simone Elices: Michigan State 33, Oregon 30

HToadSwayze: Oregon 48, Michigan State 45

Mississippi State vs. No. 14 LSU

Jamie Plunkett: LSU 27, Mississippi State 14

Marshall Weber: LSU 20, Mississippi State 17

Melissa Triebwasser: Mississippi State 31, LSU 21

Hawkeyed Frog: LSU 23, Mississippi State 3

Andrew Felts: LSU 27, Mississippi State 20

Warrior Horned Frog: LSU 28, Mississippi State 21

Rusty Frog: LSU 31, Mississippi State 21

Scott Boase: Mississippi State 24, LSU 16

Samantha Calimbahin: Mississippi State 24, LSU 21

Mason Jamboogie: LSU 30, Mississippi State 21

Simone Elices: LSU 27, Mississippi State 22

HToadSwayze: LSU 17, Mississippi State 14

BYU vs. No. 23 Boise State

Jamie Plunkett: Boise State 35, BYU 20

Marshall Weber: Boise State 31, BYU 27

Melissa Triebwasser: BYU 34, Boise State 28

Hawkeyed Frog: Boise State 31, BYU 20

Andrew Felts: BYU 31, Boise State 30

Warrior Horned Frog: BYU 36, Boise State 28

Rusty Frog: BYU 37, Boise State 31

Scott Boase: Boise State 27, BYU 17

Samantha Calimbahin: BYU 38, Boise State 28

Mason Jamboogie: Boise State 31, BYU 28

Simone Elices: Boise State 34, BYU 31

HToadSwayze: BYU 28, Boise State 24

Michigan vs. Oregon State

Jamie Plunkett: Michigan 24, Oregon State 20

Marshall Weber: Michigan 30, Oregon State 20

Melissa Triebwasser: Michigan 24, Oregon State 17

Hawkeyed Frog: Michigan 27, Oregon State 17

Andrew Felts: Michigan 28, Oregon State 17

Warrior Horned Frog: Michigan 42, Oregon State 21

Rusty Frog: Oregon State 21, Michigan 17

Scott Boase: Michigan 16, Oregon State 13

Samantha Calimbahin: Oregon State 38, Michigan 17

Mason Jamboogie: Michigan 24, Oregon State 17

Simone Elices: Michigan 30, Oregon State 14

HToadSwayze: Michigan 24, Oregon State 17

Colorado State vs. Minnesota

Jamie Plunkett: Minnesota 31, Colorado State 10

Marshall Weber: Minnesota 28, Colorado State 10

Melissa Triebwasser: Minnesota 37, Colorado State 24

Hawkeyed Frog: Minnesota 24, Colorado State 6

Andrew Felts: Minnesota 33, Colorado State 27

Warrior Horned Frog: Minnesota 14, Colorado State 10

Rusty Frog: Minnesota 68, Colorado State 10

Scott Boase: Minnesota 17, Colorado State 13

Samantha Calimbahin: Minnesota 34, Colorado State 14

Mason Jamboogie: Minnesota 33, Colorado State 17

Simone Elices: Minnesota 31, Colorado State 24

HToadSwayze: Minnesota 28, Colorado State 21