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TCU News: SMU Game Day

Here are your morning links!


The Lost History of TCU and SMU |

A neat look back at the timeline of the TCU-SMU rivalry.

With the series in favor of the Frogs 47-40-7, the rivalry has historically been a close one, with some of the greatest college football players of all-time taking part in the rivalry.

TCU, SMU rivalry rages | Fort Worth Star Telegram

I think this displays a little more hype surrounding the rivalry than what has been there the past few seasons. That being said, this year should be more intense.

No matter the records or rankings, the rivalry between TCU and SMU can be intense. There’s the whole small private-school pride thing at stake. The Fort Worth versus bragging rights. And nearly 100 years of on-field history hanging over the game.

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What SMU needs to do to upset TCU | Dallas Morning News

Anything can happen, but I just don't see SMU winning this one.

For the second win to come on Saturday night at No. 3 TCU, the Mustangs are tasked with shutting down a prolific offense led by quarterback Trevone Boykin. He leads all active players nationally with 9,219 yards of career total offense. Boykin has thrown touchdown passes in 17 straight games, the nation's longest active streak.