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TCU News: Two Frog Starters to Miss Minnesota

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TCU will be without two defensive starters at Minnesota | Dallas Morning News

It appears that one of the starters will be along the defensive line, based on who is missing from the depth chart.

TCU will also be minus two starters with injuries although Patterson declined to identify the players. The decision continued the coaching back-and-forth with Minnesota’s Jerry Kill, a close friend.

TCU to face former Lewisville standout running back vs. Minnesota | Dallas Morning News

Roderick Williams racked up 1,239 all purpose yards as a high school senior in 2011.

Former Lewisville High standout Rodrick Williams will start at tailback against TCU, Minnesota coach Jerry Kill told Minneapolis’ KFAN 100.3 on Monday.

Five things TCU fans should know about Minnesota | Dallas Morning News

All solid points from Gerbosi on this one.

3. Pace of play. The Horned Frogs want to keep things moving as quickly as possible on offense and get the ball downfield at a rapid pace. That’s pretty much the opposite of what the Gophers want to do. Kill’s team actually held the ball for 34:25 of its loss to TCU a year ago, but that wasn’t enough to keep the Frogs from scoring 30 points. Controlling the pace again will be a huge boost for the Gophers, but as we saw last year, it won’t be solely enough to win.

Just like last season, No. 2 TCU has something to prove | Fort Worth Star Telegram

So much has changed in just two seasons.

Atop the pyramid chart of team goals in the Horned Frogs’ football meeting room, the message last year rang with resolve.

“Prove Them Wrong,” it read.

Frogs eager to move from hoopla to playing games | Fox Sports Southwest

It's all about proving something.

"There's half the country you're trying to prove right in that everybody believes in us," Patterson said. "There's a whole bunch of them you've got to prove wrong. For us we can only have as good as season as we can control. If we make stupid mistakes and give games away that's our fault. If we play as good as we can play and we don't win because a guy outplays you, you can't ask any more of that. I do believe that you're still doing both (proving right and wrong)."

Think small: No. 2 TCU wants to start another season as the underdog | Fort Worth Star Telegram

The Frogs will try to approach the Minnesota game as if they were the underdog.

“We try to approach it that way,” quarterback Trevone Boykin said. “That’s the only way we try to approach it, like our backs are against the wall. When you’ve got that bull’s-eye on your back and that ranking, you never play like that. We try to play like our back is against the wall.”

Hard Knocks: Playing Defense With TCU's Gary Patterson | Grantland

This is one of the best looks at Patterson's 4-2-5 that I've ever seen. Great, great piece.

TCU embarks on the 2015 campaign with a real shot at making the College Football Playoff and competing for the national title, but NFL and college coaches alike have their eyes on the Frogs for more fundamental reasons: Patterson’s masterwork is a morphing, multifarious 4-2-5 defense featuring five defensive backs and only two linebackers, and it’s uniquely designed to slow, and ideally stop, the offenses that have been bombarding defenses with a combination of spread formations, option (and run/pass option) football, and a frenzied no-huddle pace.

TCU and Baylor don't want to call their game a rivalry | SB Nation

That's fine, but it's a rivalry, you guys.

"I wouldn’t necessarily call it a rivalry," TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin says in July. "It’s just a really big game every year. They came through in the end the last two years. We haven’t beat those guys since then. It’s been a game every year, so maybe that’s why people want to call it a rivalry."

'Coach Fran' knows Kill-Patterson friendship | Minneapolis Star-Tribune

We chatted on the podcast about how Kill and Patterson knew each other. Here's more on the subject.

Kill and Patterson were college players under Franchione who eventually went to work for the man they call “Coach Fran,” helping launch their own coaching careers.

TCU earned respect, now must keep it | Minneapolis Star-Tribune

It's all about getting started early.

Their focus now revolves around larger ambitions: To show that 2014 — a season that included a 30-7 home victory over the Gophers in September — wasn’t a one-hit wonder, and that they’re legitimate contenders for a national championship.