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Gary Patterson's Tuesday Presser: "It'll all come out."

Patterson spoke very frankly on Tuesday afternoon about the situation surrounding Mike Tuaua and Andre Petties-Wilson.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Patterson met with the media on Tuesday for his regular weekly press conference, speaking rather plainly about arrest of Mike Tuaua and Andre Petties-Wilson in connection with an assault near TCU's campus several weeks ago., as well as the challenge awaiting the Frogs this weekend in Lubbock, Texas.

On Mike Tuaua, Davion Pierson, etc.

Obviously Patterson has heard a different story than the one widely reported. It will be interesting to see if any details come out in the next few days as we get further down this road.

Patterson noted that Tuaua hadn't practiced or played for the past two weeks, and added that the defensive end had injured a ligament prior to the Minnesota game. Patterson also said the following (which can be heard in the video above):

Patterson also noted that Pierson was wrongly connected to the incident allegedly involving Tuaua, and had some strong words for the misrepresentation of why Pierson had missed games.

He also clarified that Pierson had missed games due to a concussion.

In wrapping up his comments about the situation, Patterson left it at this:

On Pat Mahomes and Trevone Boykin

Patterson pointed out that Texas Tech quarterback Pat Mahomes has looked really good in Tech's first several games, and that Boykin was a little banged up following the SMU game, but wasn't suffering from anything serious.

On TCU's Defense

Let's hope we never get to that point. Ever.