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TCU News: Tech Hasn't Forgotten 82-27

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Recovering from concussion, TCU DT Pierson could play Saturday | Fort Worth Star Telegram

We'll wait until closer to game time to see for sure, but Patterson knows he'll have an impact if he gets on the field.

“Just Davion coming back to the defensive line group is a big positive,” Patterson said. “Just having an older guy back there to give us some leadership on the field, even though he probably won’t be able to play a full game.”

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Red Raiders haven't forgotten last year's 82-27 blowout loss at TCU | ESPN

Or at least, Kliff hasn't.

“I don’t think you forget losses like that,” Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said. “As a player, I didn’t."

How many losses can the TCU defense withstand? | USA Today

Probably not many more.

The TCU season began with an assumption, and it was a pretty good one. Gary Patterson, the greatest defensive head coach of our generation — and yes, that label acknowledges Nick Saban is part of this generation — would be able to recalibrate and reinvent the way he has nearly a dozen times since 2001.

TCU-Texas Tech Preview | FOX Sports

It's going to be a tough task to pull out a win in Lubbock.

"Everybody's better when they play at home," Patterson said. "They've got a sellout and they're playing really well and they're 3-0. Good teams create their own magic."

Patterson defends TCU program after arrests, faces major depth problems | CBS Sports

The depth issues mean TCU is going to have to win with a different strategy than first anticipated.

It may be that TCU has to make a national championship run winning like they did Saturday night against SMU. The Frogs prevailed 56-37 surrendering more than 500 yards and committing three pass interference penalties.

Patterson's defense of Tuaua speaks volumes | Fort Worth Star Telegram

This certainly has a different ring to it than previous incidents.

“There’s a bunch of stuff I can’t talk about now,” Patterson said. “But I would say this to you. You’ve sat here before when we’ve had anything going on, and you’ve never heard me — ever — speak up for a kid.

“But you did now, OK?”

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